Black Series Rumor: 6″ Trash Compactor Scene


We’ve received an intelligence report from a trusted source that there are plans for an exclusive 6″ Black Series Trash Compactor scene in the works. Our rebel spy was able to see a newly sculpted head for the existing 6″ Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise. It is unknown at this time if it would include multiple figures (Han, Chewie, Leia, and Luke) or if it would be something like the recent Kmart Exclusive Kylo Ren (Starkiller Base) as the concept is still looking for an official retail partner. More to come….

  • ronstoneygold

    I wonder if it will include two X-acto knives fastened together.

  • Mike Avallone

    I say if they do a trash compacter, do the whole thing with all the figures and the dianoga and put it in a big box like the rancor pit. Then I’ll buy it.

  • Bombadgungan

    Waaht… waaat… whaaaa…

    Wow, the negativity here is stifling! I couldn’t view everything through such negative tinted eyes if I made a deliberately concerted effort to.

    • Trovovo

      It does seem like complaining has become more of a hobby than collecting for some people. Now that George is out of the picture, everyone wants to blame Hasbro for wrecking their childhoods. They are toys. Not high end collectibles. Toys. There certainly are some legitimate gripes against what Hasbro has done in recent years, but folks need to pick their battles more carefully.

    • Paul B

      I will only add that the trash compactor walls will probably be cardboard. Just like the Cantina show down tables and chairs were cardboard. 😉 I will still buy the set regardless if it’s cardboard or not. Maybe throw a cool Dianoga trash monster in with it or pieces of plastic trash? Or am I asking for way too much? 😉

      • Bombadgungan

        Yeah, plastic compactor walls, door and garbage are probably asking too much. I guess a cardboard backdrop built into the box is the most we can expect. But as you say, sure would be nice to get that Dianoga as a pack-in.

    • Paul B

      Negativity is the path to the darkside. Negativity leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. There is lots of negativity here….

  • Bombadgungan

    Awesome! I never found the 3.75″ Trash Compactor set. Was that a Walmart exclusive? If so, that would explain why I never found it.

    As I started reading this article I was imagining a coffee table size up-scaled version of the old 3.75″ set. Similar to the Big 6″ First Order TIE Fighter in stores now. But the more I read I realized this may just be an individual figure, not a diorama. 🙁

    • Paul B

      Oh,my cousin saw both at Wal-Mar back then,, But by the time I got there, they were gone. I saw both sets at the local Record Exchange a few years ago, but again, not having the cash on hand to buy them, I missed out them. again.

      • Bombadgungan

        I’m almost afraid to ask what the Record Exchange was asking for them.

        • Paul B

          About $10 or $15 each if I remember correctly ? It was a great deal. I was just low on cash 🙁

  • Well, I’m glad I’ve held off on buying the 6″ Stormie Han and Luke.

    • Bombadgungan

      I passed on those 2 as well. Not that I had much opportunity, as I’ve only seen them once or twice. A Trash Compactor set would be perfect for me!

    • Paul B

      Use the regular Luke and Han in Stormtrooper disguise, as regular Stormtroopers, and the trash compactor set as Han and Luke. 🙂

  • PeakOB1

    this Pack only tells us that Hasbro is confessing to us , that six inch will have to be re-released every time they come out! Wow I’m not surprised
    Greed = failure
    This is getting Ugly! If they even take the time to make the trash compactor a playset, it will only show that they are not listening.
    When we said we wanted playsets and dioramas we meant for the 3.75 collection. Geez!

  • We already know how its going to turn out: stormtrooper Luke and Han with some brown paint slopped on, in a black box more or less the size of the Han & Greedo exclusive, and thats it. No new sculpts or anything of the sort. We will be lucky if they give us some cardboard debris or dianoga tentacles for a background.

    • Arnold Corso

      I’d be so disappointed if the Death Star backdrop turns out to be cardboard, like that Cantina exclusive.

    • PeakOB1

      I thought about writing this exact same thing but since you beat me to it, good for you for having a clue! 6 inch is never going to work!

      • Beast

        Is that an echo from the past? Sounds like what people said when the line was first announced. Now we’re deep in the line with over 100 figures. So seems like it’s working pretty well. Especially when so many stores are eager to offer 6″ Exclusives. 😉

        • PeakOB1

          You truly think long time collectors are going to collect them all? I don’t, especially with such slight changes and a total lack of accessories. ultimately I think any stores would jump at an exclusive just to get people to shop with them since brick and mortar is suffering to maintain healthy levels of product.

          All I’m saying is they need to start making a better effort for the money, I recently started collecting the batman the animated series line of six inch and those are worth 20+ bucks!

          Make us excited again Hasbro

        • Bombadgungan

          Wow, are we really over 100 figures now?? This line has exploded quicker than I expected. How time flies.

    • Bombadgungan

      What do you mean no new sculpts? Didn’t you read the article above?

      “Our rebel spy was able to see a newly sculpted head for the existing 6″ Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper Disguise”.

      So a new head sculpt and most likely new deco. Yes, it would be a reuse of the existing Stormtrooper body, but there is no need to sculpt a new one. If we are going to reject every reuse of existing parts we had better be prepared to pay more for this line of figures.

  • Beast

    Seems like a good idea for an exclusive… which I am sure this will likely be. Muck up the armor a bit, include a tentacle to wrap around Luke. And give us a wet head for Luke. I’ll buy one. 🙂

    • souldeserter

      Done right, maybe. As a repack that at best will have a new head sculpt for Luke, not so much. They probably won’t even come with Stormtrooper helmet accessories since those were abandoned prior to them jumping into the compactor. An easy pass if this is true.

  • TeeKay1138

    If only Hasbro could put a clear line in between both scales, that would help a lot. Trying to locate the latest Black Series 3.75″ figures on the web is such a pain in the a**!

    • Bombadgungan

      I agree. And even once you find the figure listed you’re still unsure what the scale is.

  • Indysolo007

    Yes but these will have wet hair! Who needs new characters when you can have existing molds…with wet hair! (Please note this drips with sarcasm…like wet hair)

  • Dave

    We already have Stormtrooper Luke and Han. Another pointless repack.

    • Steve Stuber

      And Chewbacca. Leia is also coming.