New 6″ Black Series Figure Rumors


As we’ve been hinting in the last few episodes of The Realm Recap, the weeks leading up to Toy Fair are a prime time for product reveals and leaks. Jedi Temple Archives has posted a new rumor list of 6″ figures planned for The Black Series including Original Trilogy figures like Ben Kenobi, AT-AT Driver and Snowtrooper. Head on over for the story.

  • Bombadgungan

    Wow!!! Not a single fan on Yakface is interested in these figures??? I am dumbfounded that talk of these cool new TBS 6″ figures has not generated any comments and discussion here!

  • Bombadgungan

    I don’t know how I keep forgetting about Leia, ANH-hairbuns version. I guess the slides of the gray digital sculpting of her head didn’t do enough to whet my appetite. I am very excited for that one though! I think I’d want her to be in a full soft goods gown, but the drawback to that is the inability to control the draping. It could look gorgeous rendered in a soft pliable plastic, but would limit her movement. Ultimately, I believe the most important element to me would be getting the face sculpt just right. Young Carrie Fisher has seemed to be quite a challenge to capture over the years.

  • Bombadgungan

    Cool! I am super pumped for AT-AT Driver! The Snowtrooper is always a cool character/trooper. Although it’s not currently at the center of my radar, I’m sure I’ll grow more excited for it as it’s release draws near. These 2 will sell extremely well.

    I will definitely want that Old Ben Kenobi for my collection. I just hope that Hasbro is able to pull it off with enough detail. I worry a bit about an “old man” figure in a boring brown robe moving off the retail pegs and the e-tail warehouse slots. They will definitely want to include a full soft goods outer robe with this one. A lot of attention paid to the detail of the face, beard and hair will be important to convincing more than the most devout fan to purchase what might otherwise appear to be a boring figure. A nice wash across the inner robes will help bring to life the large expanse of plain tan plastic. Come on Hasbro, blow us out of the park! 🙂