• Bombadgungan

    That sure is nice. Goes to show what more dedication to the final paint process can achieve. Of course you pay $30 – $50 more for it. I’m already collecting Hasbro’s 6″ Black Series at a pricepoint that works for me, so I’ll stick with those. But after seeing this, I may attempt a repaint of my TBS 6″ farmboy Luke once I get him.

  • Darth Janus

    Are these available in the US?

  • IronMant

    Good stuff. I like that Mace Windu and Vader in the link too.

    • JsironStories

      The Vader is really great, but he is sadly a bit under-sized. Bandai was still going through their learning curve at the time, and all the figures after him are about perfect scale-wise. Hope they give him another go down the line.

  • mic windu

    get your soft goods coat Hasbro you are done! Get back to 3.75 which you were once good at!