Episode #90: May The Aisles Be Ever In Your Favor


Things are looking much brighter, and fuller, in the toy aisles as store continue to receive new product. On this week’s episode, Flyguy and I discuss several store reports coming in from all over the US and Canada. Medicom’s MAFEX has stepped up to the plate offering their own take on 6″ scale figures from The Force Awakens. How do they rank against the likes of Hasbro and S.H.Figuarts? Listen on to find out. Gentle Giant is back with another new figure for their Jumbo Kenner line and Anovos debuts their new Kylo Ren ensemble! All of this plus our recent acquisitions on Episode #90 of The Realm Recap.

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  • Darth Janus

    Great episode, guys. I can’t believe that Family Dollar Kanan gets his gun but the 5poa and even Hero figures didn’t. FLYGUY, what happened to that cool setup that used to be behind you? It’s been gone for a while.

    • That was from when he lived in Australia. He lives here in the US now.

      • General Hux

        Hey! Paul, you can pull out Unkar’s right forearm, a special nod to a deleted scene when Chewbacca rips of his arm. You can also put his BAW in the hole on his arm.

      • General Hux

        Enjoying your newest podcast!

      • Darth Janus

        I see. That’s cool. I hope he likes it here. 🙂 I also noticed that the Family Dollar Vader seems to be animated Rebels style?

  • Chris Lastovich

    It just depends…

    I had great luck while no one else could find anything… But the last month or so, nothing. The pegs are so stuffed with 5POA that won’t sell that no one is replenishing. And if they do, it’s one case at a time and the stuff is gone in minutes. I was lucky to find a random case of Han, Rey, and Hassk at a Target, but that’s been it. And TBS 6 inch is hopeless too. All the pegs are stuffed with Finns, Zuvio’s, and FO Tie Pilots. I’m so tired of looking at the pegs and seeing numbers 01, 09, 10, and 11… It’s all I see and nothing is selling. I literally went out all day Tueaday from 5am until 3pm hitting every WalMart, Target, KMart, and Toys R Us on the west side of Chicago and went home with 2 POP! Figures I had been putting off just to go home with something. I severely want these new two packs w Snap and Crimson Coursair… Nothing new anywhere. I’ve seen hundreds of C-3PO/R2 and Unkar Thug/BB8 sets though!

    My wife says be patient, but I’m afraid im going to miss everything lol. I’ve seen one 6 inch Flametrooper and I got to the Target at 08:35… So in 35 minutes a whole case cleared out! It’s insane. May the hunt continue

    • I see the two packs you are looking for every day at the same Targets I visit everyday. I stop at the same 2 Walmarts and Targets in the morning before work and for the past week, there has been something new there each day – 6″, 5POA basic figures, 2 packs, Armor Up figures etc. I agree it just depends on where you live, but over the past 2 weeks, I’m receiving and reading far more successful store reports than I was before and after the holidays.

      • Chris Lastovich

        It really is bizarre. I had no problem during the holidays, but now it’s hard. I mean, the aisles look great, everything is jam packed, just not selling. What’s funny is, I’ve never had a “Where’s Rey”?” problem… Dozens of Jaaku speeders everywhere, Rey light sabers, some 6″, and this week even some wave 1 5POA Rey’s which I haven’t seen since November basically. My WalMart I stop at every morning before work finally did an aisle reset yesterday and the pegs are opened for 2 packs, armor up, and more pegs were added for 5 POA, so I’m hoping for great things in the coming days!

      • General Hux

        Jayson…It’s not fair that you live in Target land.

  • don

    I really have to disagree with things are looking better. At least around here. All the collectors agree here. Any store will get one case and a month later get a case of the next wave. And try buying online. Online retailers are not getting product shipped to them from Hasbro. Retailers are getting first. But they are not getting enough. I buy product online cheaper so i prefer to order online.Driving from store to store everyday is not fun anymore and it leads to nothing. NO matter what time of day or night you go out