Target Flyer Reveals TFA Tie-In Promos

The digital release of The Force Awakens is a few hours away yet but this Sunday, retailers will start dropping their flyers with tie-in promos and exclusives for the launch on April 5. Target has a double page spread allotted for the event. Click on through to check out the featured items and exclusives.

Thanks to TargetMaster for the images.

  • C.Broa

    Target in parma ohio complete sham. Waste of time. There was not 18 new figures. False advertising, arrived when the store opened only to find to 60 year older people fighting over figures that have been warming pegs for months now. They suckered me again into an event that never held up to the promise. What a disappointment.

    • You nailed it. The only “devil’s advocate rationalizing” one can do here is perhaps qualify that the three figures from basic Han wave, two from armor-up deluxe wave 2, plus five from TBS6 Jango wave, gives you ten “new” figures (all with the notable handicap of having been out for two months, now). I made a run this morning, and my Wal-Mart was more promising than Target and I am glad I got my Blu-Ray there. The shipper at Target was the only “new” construct at my store (at opening and later at lunch time) and obviously included only those figures just mentioned plus some older wave-mates. I ended up having a discussion with a more knowledgeable associate there who’d more-or-less admitted it was a stretch (“18 new figures” {sic]) and that the only upside is that merchandise might continue coming in to a degree in the next couple weeks in further support of the media release.

  • Chris Lastovich

    Shippers and displays are already up and picked thru at my targets. Nien Nunb wave gone already today, resistance Rey wave gone, they got mass quantities of TBS 6″ wave 5 and still all they had were flame troopers by the time I got off work! They most likely won’t be replenished by Tuesday lol. thankfully that’s my off day so I’ll be out in full force exploring everything for exclusives .

    • Bombadgungan

      Did not seen any of these shippers in my city in the weeks leading up to April 5th. And I drove a much further swath than I typically would.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t have the luxury of going on a multi-store toy run that day. It just so happens that April 5th was a very busy 12-hour day for me at work with meetings, clients in town and a mountain of work. I was just praying that I’d still be able to score a Target exclusive Blu-ray late that night on my way home. Score! My local Target had about 12 left AND they had the mysterious black shipper that everyone had been talking about, positioned front and center right up at the front of the store as you walk in. It was fairly picked thru. The back side was nearly entirely empty, with only lightsabers and a couple of 6″ Flametroopers left to support it. The front however was basically full, with the exception of 5poa BAW Han and Resistance Rey. For some unknown reason, nobody took the 2 Hassk Thugs. No problem. I’ll take care of that, thank you very much! 🙂 Otherwise, Armor Up was completely untouched and 12″ Heroes were mostly full.

      Back in the regular toy aisle, there was not much fanfare to advertise a “special event”. They had restocked 5poa BAW Snow/Desert wave 4. So there were a couple of Rex, FN-2187 and Unkar Plutts to choose from, but really nothing else freshly stocked. Certainly not the lone Finn that has been fulfilling this store’s stock-on-hand of TBS 6″ for the past month(s).

  • Trovovo

    I’m glad to see that Zuvio is is still being pushed. He’s not in the film, not even the deleted scenes, but at least he’s one of the two figures from that ad that most people will actually find in stores.

    • Pieter Ketelaar

      He’s visible for like three frames of the movie but, rest assured, he’s in there.

      • Daneil Fiers

        He’s not in the movie. It was confirmed a while ago that he was completely cut. Maybe you’re thinking of Sarco Plank

        • Pieter Ketelaar

          Pablo Hidalgo says differently. Maybe you should take it up with him, but I’m pretty sure he would know.

          • Daneil Fiers

            Wow. He’s barely in that scene even

          • Pieter Ketelaar

            In. The. Movie.

          • Daneil Fiers


          • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

            That could be Zuvio’s soldier. They have the same outfit.

          • Pieter Ketelaar

            If Lucasfilm Story Group guru Pablo Hidalgo says he’s in the movie, he’s in the movie.

          • General Hux

            Nobody wants to admit he’s in the movie because they missed him! LOL

        • Pieter Ketelaar
  • SarcoPlankton

    I like the statement “18 new figures” & “assortment varies by store” 🙂

    • valdacarr

      It’s not 18 new (Different figures), it just says 18 new figures…is that 1 1/2 cases or a black shipper in the electronics department…..
      if it is the shipper that is a hot mess written all over that

      • don

        Most likely store had them already and they are gone. I see that happen all the time around here

      • SarcoPlankton

        Just 18 figures on the shelf, still “new” in their package…Zuvios I’m sure.