Episode #93: Good To See You


On this episode of The Realm Recap, Flyguy and I reunite from across the globe to discuss the latest in Star Wars news. A lot has transpired since the last time we broadcast: The Force Awakens has been released in the US (in various incarnations), a glorious teaser for Rogue One debuted and a sail barge-sized load of collecting news has dropped from Hasbro, Sideshow, Bandai and Funko! All of this and much more on  Episode #93 of The Realm Recap.

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  • General Hux

    Great show guys!
    I’m extremely jealous of that Elite Series Boba, I don’t I have a Disney Store so I haven’t been able to get it. Frustrating!

    The Funko fever hasn’t gotten me yet, really not a fan, but I have been tempted to buy the Sidon Ithano Funko and the FN-2187 but If I do… I’ll never stop!

    And jayson, have you gotten the Funko Pop! Blue Snaggletooth yet?

    • Yes, got a great deal on the Blue Snag off eBay.

      • General Hux

        So you “snagg-ed” him off of Ebay. 🙂

        I’m considering singing up for the next smugglers bounty box.

        It’s Bounty hunter themed so it will most likely be amazing.