New X-wing Miniatures Expansion


Fantasy Flight Games has announced their latest expansion in their popular X-wing Miniatures Game. This release includes the ARC-170, Special Forces TIE Fighter, Protectorate Starfighter and Shadow Caster.

Between these four expansions, you will find zero turrets. Instead, you will find two auxiliary firing arcs, one mobile firing arc, and a starfighter with zero shields… whose pilots practice flying straight at their foes. And there is plenty more to this wave than just its ships. You will also meet Poe’s mother, discover new First Order tech, welcome a handful of Mandalorians to the Scum faction, and gain the ability to fly Sabine Wren as a Scum bounty hunter.

Look for Wave IX and its expansions to arrive at retailers late in the third quarter of 2016.

  • Mike Short

    I’m definitely up for the ARC Bomber, it would be nice to have the Imperial version later on. Still waiting for the Sentinel class shuttle to turn up and make my life complete 🙂 I’ve not strayed from the OT so I can only hope wave 10 brings us some Rogue One goodies.

  • General Hux

    I’ve never played this game. Is it any good?

    • Darth Janus

      I hear it’s fun. I’d like to try it. The Ships look great.

      • General Hux

        Do you play Star Wars Commander?
        It’s a really fun strategey game on the app store.

  • Adam Holt

    Is that protectorate starfighter the U-wing we have been seeing in Rogue One posters?

    • No, it’s from Star Wars Rebels

      • Adam Holt

        Ok, thanks

      • Bombadgungan

        I’m not as well versed in all things Rebels, but to my eye this Protectorate Starfighter looks like one of the Mandalorian Starfighters from The Clone Wars. Same ship or just similar design?