UPDATE: SDCC Exclusive Jumbo Kenner Luke Skywalker (Yellow & Brown Hair)


YodasNews has posted the first look at two of Gentle Giant’s SDCC Exclusive Jumbo Kenner Luke Skywalker figures. Limited to just 250 pieces each, SDCC attendees will have their choice of a blonde/yellow hair Luke or brown hair versions, each with their own distinct Return of the Jedi cardback. Preorders launch today at 12pm ET for Premier Guild Members for $80.00 each.

Head on over to YodasNews.com for the full details.

UPDATE: Preorders are now open for Premier Guild Members.

UPDATE 2: Preorders are SOLD OUT

  • Dave

    I was hoping they would do the brown hair variant but making it available to only PGM members or SDCC attendees only is a real pisser. GG continues to alienate their customers further.

  • chad

    Not what I was expecting and frankly I am glad. With 2 exceptions Han Bespin and Luke Bespin I decided to focus on the villains. I am passing even though both versions are sold out on GG’s site.

  • jackson27403

    Hasbro take note if you ever bring back vintage collection.

    • shane

      Hasbro cares about making toys for little kids and 6″ figures. As a collector my entire life, I’ve given up on them