Funko Announces “Death Star” Smuggler’s Bounty Box


Funko has announced the next theme for their popular Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box: Death Star! Let the speculation commence as to what exclusive POP! figure(s) may be included.

For those interested in knowing the contents of the Jabba’s Palace box, Funko has posted an unboxing video to their YouTube channel.

  • Broken Zamboni

    Interesting picture of Vader on the front of the box. All of the previous boxes used an image of a pop that had been previously been released.

  • heybert17

    I have been able to avoid it for the most part, and they are doing better, but I wish they wouldn’t reveal what is in the boxes until at least some people have received them.

    • General Hux

      You can avoid spoilers pretty easily.

      • heybert17

        Yes, it has gotten easier, but when the boxes first came out Yakface and other sites posted pictures right on the home pages before most people received their boxes. Even Mezco announced what was in the boxes before they were received, why not just let people be completely surprised. Yakface and other sites do just post links now so that is good.

        • heybert17

          And Yakface just posted a picture of the contents on their Instagram page, and I am sure I am not the only one who has not received their box yet. Luckily I was able to scroll past before I saw everything.

          • no i didn’t. those weren’t the contents of the box.

          • heybert17

            Okay, I’m sorry, as soon as I saw it was a box pic I immediately scrolled past it. I like to be surprised so I avoid any pic that I see that box in as soon as the boxes start shipping. I appreciate your discretion. I still have not received mine, I usually get it pretty soon after they ship.

        • I don’t spoil the boxes without giving people a chance to click through to see it on their own.