• General Hux

    I like the way her hood looks but I’m still not a fan of the face sculpt.

  • RumDumb

    Someday I hope they make her in normal size

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Wow another figure I wont be buying.

  • EmpireSB

    After all the heat Hasbro has been under for the Leia figure this week, this looks like a really nice figure in these shots. They should really be featuring the incredible looking OT Snowtrooper and AT-AT pilot/driver as well. Those figures look great, but unfortunately that got lost in the firestorm.

    • souldeserter

      I guess I am the only person who can’t get over the boxy helmet of the snowtrooper, and the tan body, which is tanner than the sandtrooper’s…the sandtrooper covered in tan sand… It looks cool otherwise, though.

      • EmpireSB

        I agree with both of those critiques, hopefully they can be addressed before release. At least they can slightly lighten the under suit a bit to a little more off-white rather than tan… I do like the figure though.