• Bombadgungan

    What the…??? How did this happen? Well my choice is obvious. A no-brainer. DENGAR! And he isn’t even one I had nominated.

  • Daneil Fiers

    I want Ventress!!!!!!!!!!! Or Ahsoka from S3

  • RumSleg

    “honestly some of the choices are surprising” That’s polite.

  • I like how there was equal number of male and female characters represented in this Fans choice poll…thats just super…

  • General Hux

    Disappointing choices.

  • Tim

    Personally, I want Jaina Solo to win. Here’s why…

    For Rex, technically he has to be made. They are running out of fresh and cool fan favorite characters. Ahsoka has been made, we need him sooner or later. Just because he is in the running doesn’t mean he is a wasted vote, but with the poll we could inspire hasbro to pick up the speed a little

    Dengar is almost the same as Rex, he’s 99.9% likely to be made without the poll, but the poll might pick up the speed

    Starkiller is cool, but I think hasbro will make him, just later on down the line

    Darth Talon I’m on the fence about, like Jaina, she is either a hit or miss. Plus I think hasbro would pull a “female figures don’t sell” kinda thing to prevent her from winning

    Mara Jade is interesting and my second favorite choice, such an out-of the-box idea. The 3 & 3/4 inch figure sold, why wouldn’t a 6 inch?

    For Jaina, it would be awesome to have a character NOBODY is familiar with, but I like to consider her “OG Rey” . Hasbro could do a great job, plus it’s always pretty cool to get new Jedis for display considering only 3-4 have been made so far


    • Ezra Khan

      They’re already making a Rex. Don’t vote for Rex.

      • Tim

        Yes I know 🙂
        Maybe if somehow he comes out the victor in the poll, maybe it will inspire hasbro to start hurrying up with making him!

        • Ezra Khan

          I sincerely doubt it. Revan is still two waves away, remember, behind the Rogue One figures. You’re looking at Holiday 2017/Early 2018 for Rex at the earliest, either way.

          • Tim

            Yeah that’s true, one can only hope he comes out quicker!

  • souldeserter

    Starkiller – no surprise, so let’s get it over with.

    Jaina Solo – the worst example of the pitfalls of bloc voting since Omar Infante almost made the 2015 AL All-Star team as a starter.

    Captain Rex – already on the way…wasted votes.

    Dengar – he was never not going to be coming, though, right?

    Mara Jade – OK, but she will likely be reintroduced in canon eventually, so why not wait for a canonical version?

    Darth Talon – putting the eww in EU.

    I voted for Dengar because I want OT/PT characters more than EU stuff, and nothing seems guaranteed from Hasbro. I’m guessing we’ll see Starkiller and Rex announced at SDCC.

  • Michelle

    I think I will pass on the whole voting thing since no one up there is anyone I would want anyway, save for Rex who they are already making anyway.

  • Ezra Khan


  • Lando Plenty


  • DarthAmaru

    Nice to see the EU represented again! I’m sure they’ll make Rex & Dengar on their own… so pulling for any of the other 4.

  • John Titus

    The choices are embarrassing. I think Hasbro and the goofy fan base they have now has lost me. Zuvio is a peg warmer because no one knows who he is. How are any of these choices different? I’ve never seen so many dudes clamoring for girl doll action figures unless it was Slave Leia.

    • DarthAmaru

      With that logic, Revan will be a peg warmer. Good luck with that! lol

      • Ezra Khan

        Revan, to be fair, is probably the most known EU Star Wars character. KotOR is damn near famous.