SDCC Exclusives 2011-15: Online Availability History


Several readers have been asking “when will HasbroToyShop open orders for the 6″ Black Series Exclusives from SDCC 2016?” It is a valid question considering Hasbro’s “go live” times have had a track record of unpredictability. Click on through for our breakdown* of the previous five (2001-2015) SDCC exclusives.



2011 – Vintage Collection “Revenge of the Jedi/Death Star II” Boxed Set – $129.99
First Available:  11:40am ET

SDCCCarbonite Chamber2

2012 – Vintage Collection/Lost Line “Carbon Freezing Chamber “ – $69.99
First Available:  12:00pm ET


2013 – 6″ Black Series “Boba Fett with Han in Carbonite Set” – $44.99
First Available:  3:30pm ET


2014 – 6″ Black Series “Jabba’s Throne Room Set” – $44.99
First Available:  10:00am ET


2015 – 6″ Black Series “First Order Stormtrooper” – $24.99
First Available:  11:25pm ET

As you can see there is no real gauge as to when this year’s exclusives may go online (Aug. 9) but rest assured we will let you know as soon as possible.

*All times are approximate.

  • Miguel Sandoval

    Cool! No need to miss work, I’m off Tues!

  • Carbonite_Hydrates

    These are more 6 inch thing than 3 3/4. The Vintage collection was exciting.

  • Sean Crowley

    I don’t know if it is relevant, but every time (4 times or so in the last 3 months) I’ve received a notification from about an item now being available it has always been around 7am eastern.

    • Bombadgungan

      That may just be when their system refreshes.

  • chad

    A few years back when the dreaded Starscream Skystriker was put up I was at work I had to run the restroom and log in on my phone and sold out. The following year I took Tuesday off they put the dang things up on the next day. You see where I’m going with this. Looks like I will be taking off the 9 of August.

  • I’m on vacation NEXT week. The Tuesday when I could just sit in front of the computer all day will NOT be the Tuesday the exclusives go live. Which means while I’m back at work, these things will go live and sell out in minutes.

    • Bombadgungan

      So it’s a lot like retail in that respect. All the hot items sell out while we’re at work.

  • don

    So these will be sold to the people that were at the show already??? Most likely. I have never been able to get exclusives from them. And i’m in front of the computer for most of the day. Does someone have the day they will do this?

    • “As you can see there is no real gauge as to when this year’s exclusives may go online (Aug. 9) but rest assured we will let you know as soon as possible.”

      • Bombadgungan

        Do these Hasbro exclusives always get released 16 days after Comic Con or is there no real way to gauge?

      • General Hux

        Or you could say they’re in stock after they go out of stock! If you’re having a bad day I would do that! (sarcasm)

    • don

      Sorry just found the day.

  • Jin Wraith

    so i guess from 10am to anytime else during the day.

  • RumSleg

    D’oh. No way to avoid F5’ing, I guess. 😛

    • bmales01

      F5? Why are you using Brock Lesnar’s move?