• JediMerc

    I was in Target today–found the TBS 6″ Ahsoka wave for $13 and change while there–but saw a sales associate bring a cart full of Hasbro toys out toward the SW aisle…overheard him tell the woman in charge of all the restocking going that he wasn’t going to get reprimanded for putting out the SW stuff that says “hold until September”; she agreed with him & he hauled it all back to the stockroom.

    I can’t verify whether it was TBS figures in those boxes, but it looks like that Target, at least, may already have the Force Friday stuff in the back… 🙂

    • Could have been the Galactic Heroes “Galactic Rivals” set. It is part of the FF launch. I saw it today and was unable to be sold due to the street date.

      • JediMerc

        Could be. I wasn’t close enough to see what was printed on the boxes, but I’m sure it was SW “September stuff” (from what the guy said).

        I’m looking forward to the TBS6″ figures released on 9/30. Rogue One, so far, looks right up my alley…

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Death Trooper maybe and pass on the rest

  • John Titus

    I still can’t find single figure in the last batch of 3.75 Black figures in the entire state of WA. Han, Leia and Phasma yet these are now being produced. All I can say is WTH to Walmart and Hasbro! You torture collectors and encourage scalpers.. (Cry mode off)

    I’m excited to see these up close.

  • Darth Janus

    I like them. Just wish they were 3.75″ SA. I really like Cassien’s outfit. Very original trilogy era.

  • Flametrooper

    Disappointed there’s no packaging refresh for the Rogue One characters – the red box is starting to feel stale.

  • Rob Nyul

    Not from viper kingdom they have had nothing early since the wampa set

    • John Titus

      I’m always emailing and bugging him and no word on any of the Rogue stuff yet.

  • Josh Wanty

    Here is a pic

  • General Hux

    SPOILED! smh!
    I didn’t know that Cassian Andor was gonna be wearing goggles! You totally just ruined the hype!