should have come with the organ. Honestly would have been better then the R2 that came in the smuggler’s bounty.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    He looks like Dobbie the House Elf

  • vanslyker

    Hmmm he seems incomplete without his organ. They could have done a deluxe 3 pack of the band with it included. Seems like a no Brainer to me, especially after the Jabba 3 pack and the rancor 3 pack. All huge successes.

    • Adam Holt

      That was what I was expecting

  • baldylox

    what is considered a “specialty store”? Jayson – where do we look in MN?

    • From Funko

      “You’ll only be able to find these Specialty Series exclusives in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic book shops and from qualified online retailers.”

      I’d say most Comic Shops can get it, also Hot Topic maybe?

      • General Hux

        Have you found all of the latest Funko Pops? I’m tempted to get Luke.

        • Need Yoda and Endor Luke yet

          • General Hux

            It must be torture that you can’t get Yoda. lol
            I would maybe check eBay, I heard that there was some pretty decent prices on there.

          • Got them today from Gamestop

          • General Hux

            Congrats, dude!

        • Darth Janus

          I want Luke too but haven’t seen him. Ackbar, Nein Nunb, Sidon Ithano, Han, Hassk and so many others from TFA have tempted me. I can’t really afford another line and I hear these are very addictive. Plus the faces on human characters look a bit odd.

      • baldylox

        if you come across a store ordering them, lmk. im going to hit up a few comic shops down in south metro and see what they know.

      • Darth Janus

        Are these Pops! Easy to remove without damaging the box? I have been tempted by these so much lately. I saw Nein Nunb (TFA) in Walmart the other day and he looked pretty good. There’s just so many already made. Over 100, right?

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    They decided to go with the error design instead of the correct one. Lolz. I would love to see a corrected 3.75″ version.

    • I prefer to think of this a the “vintage” design. I hear it’s all people want these days. 😀

      • General Hux

        Yep, I’m hearing the same thing, people love that companies are going back to what they used to be. Especially Hasbro, people love Hasbro, no complaints what-so-ever.

        • Andy Mihail

          Oh, there’s plenty of issues with Hasbro! Just ask anyone who’s collecting the 3.75″ astromechs. Most times the paint jobs are inaccurate & the sculpts are just off.

          • General Hux

            Sarcasm dude…..It was sarcasm. 🙂