• Dakemesh

    I really hope there’s a simple way to remove the Nerf launchers from these things.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I don’t despise this, but it’s definitely a weak attempt. Hasbro should do better than this.

  • Norman

    It’s either Nerf, or nothing! I’ll take nothing.

  • Pieter Ketelaar

    *available March 2017

  • LadyFerry

    And yet another hideous micro-monstrosity vehicle with the even more hideous nerf-dart feature that none of us collectors want.


    The money I am saving not buying this crap is extraordinary!

    Why do Hasbro hate us collectors so much?

  • Dave

    Wow looks just like Buck Rogers Starfighter

    • nate e.

      Buck totally stole it from the Resistance…being from the 25th Century and all…

    • Paulskywalker

      Is that 3 3/4 inch scale?

  • Paulskywalker

    Maybe it’s time Mattel had a go at SW.

  • Josh Wanty

    ENOUGH with the NERF crap! Id rather see lights and sound than stupid nerf crap. Remember when SW toys had lights and sounds oh I wish for those days again. HASBRO watch yourself enough bad reviews might be treading lightly with your SW license. DISNEY take note to what Hasbro is doing to this line.

  • Barney Dunn

    so cheap looking and only for kiddies, whoever predicted the nerf darts, they were right. Couldn’t they at least do a better paint job? I would take the old Kenner stickers over this mess.

  • Linuspumpkin

    Just terrible. For shame Hasbro, for shame!

  • TrueClintStyle

    Wow! $50!!! Those babies should fly off the shelves like the X-Wings….that are $49.99 and still sitting collecting dust.

  • General Hux

    While it does look awesome, I’m a little bummed that it isn’t a Troop Transport.
    I’m guessing the Nerf Darts go into the wings and when you open the wings you can fire them? At least they would be concealed and it would be a cool feature for kids.

    • General Hux

      Here, I’m guessing the wings open like the image below and that is where the Nerf Darts are kept:

  • Roq

    50?! WTH!??

    • Not surprising. Poe Dameron’s Xwing (with figure) was the same price

      • Roq

        Yeah and those are so hard to find and worth 50 dollars. Hasbro/Disney are crazy. I got this for 15 dollars last week and well worth it.

        • Dakemesh

          What does the fact that you bought a ten year old toy second hand have to do with anything? That big wing TIE was $44.99 when new which equals out to 54 dollars now. It also used the same TIE fuselage they’d been using since 2003, itself an update of the vintage TIE. Even the wings had already been used – this was nothing but a repaint.

          • Roq

            Because I’d rather buy old quality toys than nerfy crappy looking toys, Teen Lobo. Quality. It lookslike an actual tie fighter than than the U-wing.

          • GIBBS v2

            I think he means the scale and sculpt are more realistic. The shrunken, fisher priced, we added a nerf gun versions we are about to see in stores look silly. There are and will rarely be marketing photos of the “nerf” portion of these things because they are bulky and make the ship look like it’s pregnant.

  • RumSleg

    Shrunken scale is par for the course, but it looks like they turned a troop carrier vehicle into a one-pilot starfighter. That’s a little too much liberty taken.

    • Darth Janus

      Yup. Storage for a few figures would be better than the nerf gun. That must take up some space. Imagine what they’d do to a Republic Gunship if they made one now?

  • Lando Plenty

    Cool. No surprise it’s not to scale. Hopefully it’ll be available for cheap at some point.

  • SlothFromHoth

    It actually looks pretty good, for what it is. I was hoping there would be a cheaper way to get that Cassian costume, though…

    • Darth Janus

      Yeah, I really like both his costumes. Very OT. Maybe they’ll be another way to get the figure. I like that black astromech that comes with the AT-ACT, but I’m not getting that thing unless it’s heavily discounted. I wish they would just ditch the pack-in figures. They could knock a few bucks off the vehicles and let those of us who want the figures to get them.