Amazing Space Walls


Something wonderful has happened – after years on end, high quality modular diorama walls are now available for purchase from 3rd party seller, Galactic Trading Post.

I placed my first order last week, and already received them today.    And I have to say, these might be the most exciting thing to happen to the hobby for me… since… heck, I don’t even know that I have EVER seen something this fantastic for displaying a collection.

My son (age 9) and his friend (age 8) went bonkers as well wanting to set them up.   Pretty damn cool… hopefully we see a lot more out of these guys as for many of us, this could be a game changer in collecting.

You can check out a few pics that I snapped here, and be sure to visit their site – and place an order as they have some currently in stock as of this post.

  • JediMerc

    Just tried to order…but already sold out. 🙁

    Does anyone have any idea when more might be available? (I’ve been tracking his site for awhile, but the Wave 1 starter pack was always OOS…and this time I missed the limited quantity!) Ugh.

  • Dave

    I have the starter kit and they are neat. My only gripe is they don’t interconnect and you have to use the included transparent sticker tape to join the walls.

    • Justin used the black paper clips to join his sections. Seems to be a sturdier alternative to tape.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        Indeed, it works out perfectly!!

        • Dave

          Definitely a MacGuyver solution when all it needed to include was some simple plastic snap clips.

          • Rykrof_Enloe

            My set came with the clips shown in the picture. These are really nice and I see nothing to complain about.

          • Dave

            You’re saying yours came with the paperclip fasteners? I ended using those and they do work. Crude but effective. I’m probably going to go to Home Depot and look for some smaller fastensers that are less obtrusive and won’t pop off as easily as the paperclip fasteners do.

        • Darth Janus

          Do they come with the clips to hold multiple walks together?

      • Frederique Seroude

        yes I used those they are perfect!!!