New U-wing and TIE Striker Images Clarify NERF Features


Rebelscum forum member “Nighthawk” has posted new images from the packaging for Hasbro’s Rogue One U-Wing and TIE Striker vehicles that shed light on the NERF launching features of both fighters. It appears that the launcher for the U-wing is retractable (not removable) and the TIE’s is a fixed position cannon. These were found at retail in Canada ($59.99-$69.99).

Also, try to pick which eye to look at when staring at the Cassian Andor figure. :/

  • I know I am in the minority when I state that I don’t mind the nerf stuff, my biggest concern is the quality. I sure hope the long wings are not super bendable!

  • General Hux

    Nighthawk went back and ended up getting the vehicle, he snapped a better pick of the Tie-Pilot and has put the vehicle on eBay(for the retail price, he is not scalping it) and he confirmed the price: It’s CAD$64.99 for the Tie and CAD$79.99 for the U-wing.
    So that’s $50USD for the Striker and the U-WIng is $60USD.@thewolfpackpodcast:disqus

  • RumSleg

    Oh, good. The nerf launcher in the U-Wing is not removable AND it’s taking up the space that could have been used to allow this troop carrier vehicle to maybe carry a troop. That’s a win-win!

  • LadyFerry

    The only way to stop Hasbro in their tracks is to hit them hard with a boycott.

    From my personal research on all the Star Wars fan-sites and forums, it’s a safe bet that 98% (that includes adults and kids) of collectors online hate the whole ridiculous Nerf feature on all new Star Wars vehicles and toys.

    Just DON’T buy the stuff with the Nerf feature.

    I know it’s hard not to buy this crap, even if you are a completist. But you don’t have to buy it.

    Hasbro is slowly but surely ruining it for passionate collectors like myself, I have witnessed the Star Wars line deteriorate since 2014. The aesthetics are more towards shrunken Action Fleet sized vehicles, and the whole Nerf feature vomited into the toyline thereafter. The plastics they now use are rubbery and the paint applications have literally been thrown out of the window without a care!

    People continually come out with “but the kids like the Nerf feature OR it’s for the kids!”

    That is rubbish, my nephews are Star Wars fans and they really hate the Nerf feature, they even held off buying the Falcon last year because of that very feature.

    Boycott Hasbro by not buying this crap, even when it sits on the shelf for months and goes on clearance.

    A serious message must be sent to Hasbro by collectors because they are ruining our collecting fun.

    • nate e.

      Your nephews are a small sample. Unless you have 1000s and 1000s of them??
      And…are your nephews kids?

      I understand your boycott idea, traditionally that was how things were done. But with this, good luck.

    • Barney Dunn

      they won’t sell, the price is too high, the movie appeals more to older Star Wars fans, the toys even look a little boring from the box, they will end up on clearance way before Christmas. Hasbro lost the Jurassic World license for a reason and that is most likely sales not meeting expectations.

  • MandaloreSC

    I really think it is time for a management change in the Hasbro headquarters. These NERF Shooters is a stupid idea in a long row of stupid ideas Hasbro had. As an adult collector I prefer very detailed figures with more articulation points and I prefer vehicles that are in scale with these figures. Figures and vehicles should be as movie accurate as possible. In other words: I absolutely HATE those NERF shooters! It seems they don’t care about adult collecters anymore and try to aim for the kids. But the kids aren’t into action figures anymore. The U-Wing and new AT-ACT are much to small and they look cheap. The reason might be the very light plastic they use and the fact that there is almost no paint job or used look on the vehicles. Also I think these toys are highly overpriced. They are trying tu justify that by packing in extras like battle armors, mega weapons and NERF shooters – stuff I don’t want but I have to pay for if I want the figures. I want a change. That’s why I won’t buy any figures or vehicles from Rogue One. If Hasbro dosn’t care about adult collectors anymore, I don’t need to spend a dollar for this kind of cheap stuff.

  • Tom P.

    The prices are a joke, especially here in Canada. I’ll stick with the few figures that catch my eye and look for older vehicles if I want ships in my displays.

  • Barney Dunn

    Wait for clearance, will come before you know it. I suspect sales for Rogue One toys will fall way below targets. There has been nearly no marketing so far and outside of die hard fans no one really knows what Rogue One is. Random ships and characters they never have seen before don’t interest kids and their parents who may only know BB-8 and R2-D2. Remember how poorly Constable Zuvio sold when he hit the shelf. This will be much worse. Unfamiliar characters combined with generic looking toys combined with very generic packaging is a bad combination. Yes they do have the Star Wars logo on the box which Hasbro is banking sells itself. But they won’t when there has been Star Wars brand toys and cereal everywhere for a year now. And the title Rogue One doesn’t help since it sounds more like GI Joe or Mission Impossible (literally). They actually look like they may be knock offs or something from a less popular Star Wars TV show or comic book series which don’t have wide appeal. These toys will languish on store shelves and will bet you will be able to buy them on clearance even before Christmas this time around.

  • Jack’s Raging Bile Duct

    These look like really bad ripoffs of the vintage Air Raiders line.

  • RumDumb

    NERF. Latest another attempt to get kids to play with toys. I saw a kid in the action figure aisle this year. He was taking a short cut to the electronics department.

  • Trovovo

    Hey that Cassian Andor figure doesn’t look so bad to me. Granted, my expectations have been lowered in recent years, but those eyes look a lot more on the mark than the straight-up wacko eyes that most figures have been getting lately. Then again, I’m sure quality will be hit or miss when they actually hit shelves. Paint apps aside, another nice sculpt.

  • LesterF

    Hope this CRAP sits on the shelf on Force Friday. Pathetic!

  • John M Wood


  • GIBBS v2

    I have been very vocal against the nerf additions. I suppose this can be looked at as only half as bad now. We got one ship that the device can disappear the nerf. With the tie fight some slight modifying of the cannon and removing of the nerf clamps makes it almost normal.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Well, before we totally freak out over it, maybe the launcher is removable on the TIE, along with the spare Nerf bullet clips. If THAT is the case, we can all quit our belly aching.

  • I was set to pick up the new TIE but now I dont think I’ll give it a second look. I would rather wait to see what revell or bandai comes up with.

  • MyenShi

    All Hasbro is doing is alienating collectors young and old with these one trick gimmicks that compromise aesthetics for play features that will grow stale quickly. Any kid that’s attracted by the NERF feature would probably be better off with a NERF gun, and any adult or kid that doesn’t want the NERF feature is stuck with it.

    Justifying what are inferior products with compromised designs and poor features by calling it a toy marketed for children is like saying it’s okay for a kids movie to have a poorly written story or under developed characters.

    It isn’t. Kids (and by extension their parents) deserve better, especially at what these toys cost. You can have better designed toys that are worth the cost and appeal to multiple markets, especially with the prices Hasbro is charging.

    • Take this into consideration. There are families/parents that do not allow their children to play with toy guns. So being “better off with a nerf gun” isn’t within the realm of consideration for those kids.

      • MyenShi

        That was mild hyperbole, but your point goes along with what I feel is poor cross marketing. Because in that case, it’s also plausible that any child who hasn’t been allowed NERF/toy guns may not really be drawn in by the NERF launcher and branding.

        The least they could do is make it removable or retractable across the whole range. But honestly, I don’t see why we can’t have missiles or better designed play features, additional accessories, or a better scale instead of putting tooling and production costs into NERF features.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I think the Nerf features pull away more collectors than kids being drawn in.

  • Chris Henry

    I’m sure Ill get backlash for this but honestly these are “toys” first. I think Hasbro is designing and trying to push these towards kids not adult collectors. It is a toy first and a collectible second in there eyes. I really don’t give a crap if there is a nerf shooter on there or not. Still cool for kids and adults. Again these are toys first.

    • Totally agree that they are toys first, albeit increasingly expensive and decreasing in build quality at times.

      • Jawa_Fetish

        I could be totally wrong about this, but didn’t they cater more to collectors after they thought the movies were done in 2005? Now, it’s back to the kids! It’s all a business strategy.

      • Darth Janus

        Any idea what these will cost? I figure the U-wing will be $50, but the TIE and A-wing seem smaller.

    • John Titus

      Then charge toy prices. These plastic cheap things have collector price tags on them. Neither vehicle should be over $30.00 when you look at similar toys.

    • MyenShi

      Absolutely no offense meant, but justifying what are inferior products with compromised designs and poor features by calling it a toy marketed for children is like saying it’s okay for a kids movie to have a poorly written story or under developed characters.

      It isn’t. Kids (and by extension their parents) deserve better, especially at what these toys cost. You can have better designed toys that are worth the cost and appeal to multiple markets, especially with the prices Hasbro is charging.

    • General Hux

      Yeah, you’re right.
      I just wish the one on the Tie Striker was removable for what you’re paying.
      There is more important things to complain about in life. 🙂

      • Darth Janus

        I still want the TIE unless it’s $50. The little clips on the wings look like they’re screwed on so they could be removed. As for the actual launcher, oh well, just don’t put the dart in and try to ignore it. I really love the look of that ship.

        • General Hux

          Oops! I didn’t see this comment until after I made my last one. This is probably what I’ll do too, remove the clips and just not put the dart in the main cannon.

      • GIBBS v2

        Honestly making it removable would create more “playability” from a kids perspective. Two ways to use the NERF add-on. It could have little legs and become a mounted turrent weapon or a pocket sized NERF blaster.

    • How DARE you? Toys are for kids!? Ive never heard of something so ludicrous! We’ll have none of that here.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    They really, really are reaching for straws these days… and grabbing the wrong ones.

    5POA with horrid Build-A-Weapons, $279 smart phone AT-ACT, hideous Nerf darts… when is this insanity going to end?? They clearly don’t think their standard product is enough to entice the market, so they are adding gimmicks…

    You can’t make this stuff up. I’m thinking it’s already time for a new design team at Hasbro. They need to make a line that appeals to both kids and collectors. Instead, they are turning off more buyers in both segments than ever.

    • John Titus

      They are showing profit so I believe they think they are going in the right direction. Instead of developing brand loyalty over the long run they are making toys kids beat up and throw away. They don’t care or know who made them. Collectors push the brand name but they seem less interested in that.

    • MandaloreSC

      My thoughts exactly.

  • RumSleg

    Why is Hasbro suddenly (over the past 3-ish years) having so much trouble getting eyes painted in the right place? For years and years it wasn’t an issue (excepting one-off errors). Now it’s to be expected.

    • I would guess a combination of different factories being used and different application methods being implemented compared to the past. What ever the cause, they can’t seem to reign it in.

  • Thank you, Hasbro, for saving me more money!

  • General Hux

    Darn, I was really hoping the Nerf shooter on the Striker would be removable.
    Now I’m sad. :-/

    • Darth Janus

      Think you’ll still get it?

      • General Hux

        Someone on the Rebelscum forums said the shooter is only held in buy two screws and the clips are only held by one, so I’m gonna see if he’s successful and if he is I might try it myself.

        • Darth Janus

          Sounds like a good idea. I’d get it even if they weren’t removable and just not use the darts because i really like the ship. Only question now is what it will cost. If it’s $50 I’m out.