• Mike Avallone

    I got mine delivered yesterday. the box it came in was perfect. I opened it and it was nicely wrapped in tissue paper. when I unwrapped it the card was completely bent which meant whoever wrapped it and boxed it either did it and didn’t care or didn’t notice it was that way. I had to call today and let customer service know. They told me they would send me another and make sure that it would not be damaged and to keep the first one for the inconvenience.

  • Alexander Gates

    It’s available and in stock for phone order through Disney Parks as of today! +1 (877) 560-6477

  • don

    Tried it can’t find it on the site?

  • General Hux

    Eh, not a huge fan of the design.

    • Bombadgungan

      It is pretty garish. Not for me, but I can see the niche collector going for it. Now I’m imagining exclusive Disney R2 units for each holiday. I guess they’ve already done R2-H15 for Christmas, now how about a pastel R2 for Easter? Or would a pastel EG-6 “eg-g” be a better fit? A different pink variant R2 for Valentine’s Day? R2-V14?

  • Pennywise


    • Yep

      • General Hux

        Any idea when the next Cargo Hold episode will come out?

        • Should be any moment now

          • General Hux

            Looking forward to seeing you and Corey on the Rogue Squadcast tonight! And Ben!