• Just found the 3 3/4 wave at Walmart in NJ. They did not scan and said they were restricted so I took them to self check out and rang them in with An older General Hux barcode. They rang in at 4$ each….. I know it’s not exactly the right thing to do but I regret nothing

  • vikingrobot

    Hey Justin. Is this the Walmart on Manchester? Looks like we are in the same stomping grounds? Let me know if you are going here on Rogue Friday and I will go to a different store.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Yes, the Manchester location… I happened to be in that area this morning but if I go out Force Friday, I will not be going to that store. I am rarely in that area…

      • vikingrobot

        Funny. I just reread your article. You found them on a shelf but I saw them on a pallet display. I stopped by there this morning and the display was gone. I didn’t check the Lego aisle.

  • General Hux

    By the time Rogue Friday comes along everybody will already everything they need!

    So many product leaks.