• RumSleg

    I keep resisting the Pops. They’d be slightly more tempting if they were just vinyl figures like other Pops, but the Star Wars ones being bobble heads with a base and spring in the neck (to avoid conflict with other licenses) takes them down a notch.

    I can’t stand the dead black eyes in the human characters. Still… I might bite on Max Rebo if I see him, because his eyes are supposed to be black. And that Chopper looks really neat. And Ahsoka… and… this is why I can’t even dip my toe. 🙂

    Saving up for the Twelfth Parsec Space Base instead… 🙂

  • RumSleg

    Is it just a photo error that the Ahsoka pop doesn’t have a base?

  • darthvaderdisco

    I keep trying and failing not to buy these things, but they are fantastic and better than 5 poa.

  • Jaken Wraith

    These are all out at a Walmart of mine. They have a seperate Display Stand in the middle of an Isle by the Toy Dept.

    • Not the Rebels ones. Rogue One pops are out now (early).

      • Jaken Wraith

        Prob right, i didn’t really look them over that good, only in passing. Funko’s are not my thing. I’ll grab a shot of it this morning, i’m about to head to that Store now. They had the Trooper Voice Changer Helmet out yesterday and i’m going back for it.

  • Ezra Khan

    WAIT. Ahsoka doesn’t have the same Star Wars base every single SW Funko Pop! has ever had up to this point?

    Real strange.

    • Yes she includes the standard black Funko base/stand

      • Ezra Khan

        Oh thank goodness, now I just have to brave Hot Topic.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Hey, Chopper’s got arms! Looks like Funko got the memo. What’s your excuse, Hasbro?

    • General Hux

      “We can’t do delicate parts on toys anymore, children will break them”

      ^That’s actually a good point.

  • Greg Romine

    These things are so darn addictive!!!

  • General Hux

    I’m not supposed to succumb to the Funko side but I really want that Ahsoka!

    • LuckDragon

      I feel the same… must… resist… the… urge… to… buy…

      • Joey

        You will not buy funko pop. You want to go home and rethink your life.