UPDATE: Final Go Rogue: A Star Wars Collecting Checklist Now Available


The unofficial “Go Rogue: A Star Wars Collecting Checklist” is now available for download. As additional information comes to light, we will amend the checklist and post a notice when a new update/download is available.

UPDATE: The third and final version (3.0) of the checklist is now available for download. Thank you to everyone who sent in store reports, links to eBay auctions and tagged us via social media as you, the fans, were instrumental in the creation of this list. Good luck to everyone heading out tonight!

  • Robert Decker

    Wal-Mart has them now 10/7/16 target on10/2/16

  • Just so you guys know, it looks like Wave 2 hasn’t been released yet. I didn’t see any of the Wave 2 figures today, but Target had a surplus of everything else. No one else has mentioned buying them yet, so my guess is they’re not yet available, unfortunately.

  • mic windu

    sadly that list is missing about 20+ 3.75 SA unexclusive figures…

  • General Hux

    Updated? again?!

    You’re making me waste so much ink and paper, Jayson!

  • comicalUser

    When does Force Friday actually start? Wal-Mart specifically. Midnite?

    Will the “recalled” ERGs I could not buy make it back to the shelf (haha)?

    • JasonH

      I’m trying to figure that out, too. Can’t find if walmart is doing anything or not.

      • Walmart isn’t doing anything officially. You’ll have to call your local store to see if they are doing anything.

  • Bombadgungan

    Thanks so much for putting this together for us Jayson! It looks great! I haven’t had the time to keep up with all the news over these past weeks, so this will really come in handy.

    • Chris Cooke

      Seconded. Thanks for putting it together. A few of the other sites put there’s up but having one out early that got updated and knowing that it would get updated definitely made yours the winner.

      THANK YOU!

  • General Hux

    So, you decide to update it, eh?

    You made me waste 4 pieces of paper and an astronomical amount of ink!!

    Thanks for nothing!


  • Chris Cooke

    Loving your work on this. Last year’s version was essential. You’ve got an Imperial death trooper listed for the basic 3.75 figures. Is a single packed one being released??

    • That is an error. it won’t be available in the first 2 waves.

      • Chris Cooke

        thanks for clarifying. Will be aiming for the two pack then!

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    I have only picked up a couple Hotwheels, like the droid character cars, and the previous WalMart “theme” car sets – movie poster and Allegiance lines. The basic hotwheel car ones with theme deco that were $1. I will probably pick up the new planet series, as I assume they are similar $1 cars. Hasbro has me really picking and choosing, so not much I’m truly excited for.

  • General Hux

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting this today!

  • Rogue 13

    Thanks, Jayson (and anyone else who may have helped out). This is a great resource.

  • snowspeederpilot1

    So Darth Maul, Seventh Sister and Princess Leia from Rebels are going to be for sale on Force Friday?

    • It’s possible if last year was any indication but here is what I posted yesterday:

      “We are “going rogue” and producing an independent downloadable PDF checklist (similar to last year) to guide collectors through the toy aisles on September 30 and beyond. As of now, we are including most products announced (and unannounced) for Hasbro, LEGO, Funko, Jakks Pacific, Hot Wheels, and Disney Store.

      And as last year, not all items will be available on Rogue/Force Friday, but in lieu of any of those brands providing anything “official”, we felt it would be in collector’s best interest to know what to expect/budget.”

      • snowspeederpilot1

        Thank you for your explanation. Well this Rebels figures and Emperor Royal Guard from Walmart is all what I need. Best Regards.