No Steve, I’m not loving this.
    While and actual walking feature is a very cool the scale compared to the 2010 AT-AT, the $300 price, the lack of deco, and nerf darts are too much of a turn off. if I see this for $100 or less I’ll bite otherwise best of luck moving these!

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    It’s awesome. It really, really is awesome. I can’t find any reason to NOT want this – other than the price. $300 is SO much money to drop at once. I’m afraid that the MSRP will be this toy’s downfall.

    • CSEddleman

      I wouldn’t say downfall exactly…I would say it is actually do our advantage. The ideal situation would be that no one buys it…it sits for awhile…and then they aggressively discount it to move it because they think no one bought it because they are just not interested in it… the discounts end up being more than it would have been had it been a reasonable price in the beginning… Wishful thinking…