Toyguide Update: Disney Parks Droid Factory Rogue One Astromech Set


The Yakface Toyguide updates continue, shifting to the Disney Parks exclusive Droid Factory Rogue One Astromech Set.

PROS:  Astromech collectors/fans have had a lot of reason to rejoice over the last few months as there have been several droid offerings, in different scales,  from the different licensees this year. This set is solely dedicated to the droids of Rogue One, and while we don’t know anything about how they play into the overall story, it’s great to get a complement of droid to bolster the ranks of the 3.75″ scale. These droids utilize the proprietary build-a-droid sculpt from Disney Parks’ continuing Droid Factory program meaning that all of the parts from each droid are cross-compatible.  Decos for the most part are excellent and really stand apart from one another.

CONS: None really to speak of other than a few paint masks that didn’t quite hit their mark on a few of the droids. It would’ve also been great to get a bit of backstory for each of the droid to know what factions they line up with and to whom they may belong.

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

  • Bombadgungan

    I must have these! I do love me some astromechs. My only gripe is Hasbro and now Disney’s fasination with R5-D4 lookalikes. I’ve lost count of how many droids now look nearly the same. I do like how R2 is a brand new take on deco for these astromechs. Even has a new LED “eye”. The pearl white and silver droid is welcome change as well.

  • 4 for $30 compared with EE’s 6 for $80… hmmm

    • These aren’t nearly as complex or have as many total parts and accessories.

  • General Hux

    I like C2-B5 but I am not much of an Astromech guy….Nice photography

  • Mr J

    Are the disney astro droid based on the hasbro molds ?

    • Based yes, but Disney now owns them and have modified them sightly (no wires on the feet so they can be used on either side of the body and no extra hole on the lower edge of each side of the body).

      • Mr J

        Thank you for your explonation i didnt know that disney produced them i always tought that hasbro made them

      • Bombadgungan

        I’m beginning to realize that they were changed beyond just the legs and filling in the holes on the bodies. It would seem to me that the bodies are brand new sculpts. I’m assuming this happened at the same time the holes were removed. A few key differences to point to are the central vents being much shallower now, the six system diagnostic ports to the left are spaced further apart, the silver panel to our left (droid’s right) of the lower central power coupler is reversed from the Hasbro BAD, there are now three indented panels to the right of the coupler vs. only two on the Hasbro sculpt and the coupler to the right of those now has six “spokes” whereas the Hasbro droid only had six. This is only what is easily noticeable.

  • Like A Bossk

    Ordered it yesturday from Disney park store app with free shipping. Can anyone point me in the direction of a complete list and pics of all the previous disney droid factory figuers? I got last years TFA droid set now this years RO so now im back tracking the collection but dont know where to start.

    • There are several individually carded (named) droids, the rest are part of the parks droid factory build-a-droid kiosks.

      The carded droids are:
      R2-D60 (2015)
      R4-D23 (2015)
      R2-H15 (2015)
      Holographic R2-D2 (2015)
      R5-M4 (2016)
      R2-B00 (2016)

    • Darth_Raww

      How did you get free shipping? Showing $7.95 for me…

      • Like A Bossk

        Free shipping deal ended yesturday.