UPDATE: Toyguide Update: Entertainment Earth Astromech Droid Pack


The Yakface Toyguide returns from semi-retirement today with the addition of the Exclusive 3.75″ Astromech Droid Pack from Entertainment Earth.

PROS:  If variety is the spice of life then this set is for you as Entertainment Earth has created a truly unique boxed set featuring several different astromechs pulling from live action and animated sources. My favorites of the set include Jabba’s unnamed bartender droid – a figure I for one never expected to receive; R2-C2 – Ziro the Hutt’s bartender/service droid mainly because of the wild deco; and  finally, QT-KT because of its reference to R2-KT and a great arc in The Clone Wars series. The sculpt used for the base of each droid is recycled from the Vintage Collection R2-D2 (VC25) which is a solid design with a decent amount of articulation for an astromech.

CONS: This biggest complaint I’ve run across for this set is the price, which is interesting considering the cost breakdown per figure is about what we pay at retail now for TVC/Black Series quality figures. Secondly, depending on your mileage, paint apps are a little loosey-goosey on some droids, and not quite accurate on others so it’s a mixed bag, but nothing that should stop you from acquiring this set. Thirdly, a couple of the astromechs have issues with the retractable leg remaining in its fully-extended position, resulting in the droid falling forward. And finally, the first runs of this set have a four digit date stamp pressed into each of the 6 domes* which is disappointing, but it is on the back of the dome so it’s not really a deal breaker either.

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this set is worth adding to your collection.

*According to Entertainment Earth, the date stamp should only be present on these early samples and production pieces will not have them.

Note: this advanced sample was provided to us by Entertainment Earth and I’d like to thank Bethany and Adam for including us in this early product reveal.

UPDATE: We have added six new images into the toyguide for this set to reflect the final production versions which eliminate the production stamps on the back of each dome.

  • I really want this and I think the price is fair but for some reason I can’t psych myself up enough to pull the trigger. Not yet at least. I love the VC R2 sculpt, and these all look amazing. I just wish I could get them for free for redeeming all of my build-a-weapon pieces. XD

  • Fiery Little One

    Based on what I’ve seen, the only knock I could have right now is the fact that you need to remove a part to get the head to move.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Received my set and have mixed feelings. I’d probably be happier if these were the B.A.D. mold, or at least some sort of R5 unit was part of the set.

  • xdeathmedicx

    i would have been all over this if it was in tvc packaging. cool set but not into droids enough to buy this yet. Now if it were 6 different jedi I would have pre-ordered this immediately.

  • I know everyone is crapping on about the price and paint apps and whatever else…but I think the real issue here the choice of including the two bartender droids. What kind of message is that sending to the kids? Disney how could you allow this? Someone has to send this to the news!
    They could have at least labeled those R2 units as juice dispensers…then again juice does have a lot of sugar and thats bad….

  • Paulskywalker

    Buying this set sends the wrong message to Hasbro and to the retailers, which is they can get away with this s**t. And collectors are very guilty of sending wrong messages, along with Hasbro being c**p. Also this;

    Disney Droid Factory set (4 droids) 29.95 in 2015???
    Royal Starship Droids (4 droids and sockets, plus stands) 24.95 in 2012
    EE Astromech Droid Pack series 1 (5 droids) 39.99 in 2006
    EE Astromech Droid Pack series 2 (5 droids) 39.99 in 2006

    • Hardly a fair comparison in the production of items in 2016 versus 2006. You know as well as anyone that it costs more to produce items nowadays. I’m not making excuses for the price, it’s just reality. Also the build a droid sets are easier to produce for Disney because it’s in house (no licensing fee) and and in a higher production run (probably) than Entertainment Earth’s set.

      • Paulskywalker

        Still doesn’t excuse the price. Also these aren’t full sized 3.75 figures. Think of what $80 can get you else where and then look at this set.

        • Why? They cost the same on average per unit as other items in the line currently. Your argument isn’t with Disney, or Hasbro, or EE on the whole, it is against countries (China mostly) whose manufacturing cost are considerably higher than they were a decade ago in order to pay employees a livable wage.

          • Paulskywalker

            They don’t get a livable wage though, they get treated like crap. Just because Hasbro is a US company doesn’t mean their Chinese workers get treated fairly. It’s besides the point, if we’re talking about product for 2016 compared to this, this year i got the TBS 6 inch TIE Fighter for £70 odd on sale from Amazon. And if we’re talking exclusives, i got the TBS 6 inch Stormtrooper 4 pack from the US Amazon far cheaper than this. Lets not forget the SDCC Ren and Kenobi exclusives being cheaper then these. With more plastic and with as much new parts and paint than this. This is so overpriced compare to what is in it and compared to Hasbro present SW toys both mass retail and exclusive.

          • Barney Dunn

            Entire thing is profit. These are mass produced injection mold figures reusing an old R2-D2 steel prototype mold that can produce millions of figures. More money is spent on packaging and shipping than the figures themselves. Actual manufacturing costs for this set is maybe $12. No machining costs since they are reusing an old steel mold (for a completely new figure this is a major expense). Add licensing and other costs another $18, nice profit of $50. And on clearance this set would be $15-$20 as a loss-leader. I remember seeing previous droid sets at the dollar store for $12.

          • I think the main point being lost on people who are arguing that the cost per figure is in line with individually packaged figures is that a single boxed set costs significantly less to produce than 5 single carded figures. The set is overpriced, but I think it’s still worth getting due to the fact that we would most likely never get these droids in the main lines.

          • Bombadgungan

            How can anyone give one bit of consideration to anything this guy says? I don’t think he has made a single comment on this site in the past year or so that wasn’t some kind of bitching and moaning. Some people just expect everything to be handed to them on silver platter. Yeah, EE is looking for a nice little profit on an exclusive collector set. Being a fan of Star Wars doesn’t “entitle” us to this stuff. Especially not to unique obscure characters that the mass market doesn’t give a whiff about. If this doesn’t float your boat, move along. This set is very niche, very specialized and priced accordingly.

    • I personally felt that they should have used the BAD sculpt to make these, but because they chose two “bar” droids, I guess the most obvious choice was to use 2010’s TVS R2-D2 (VC25) figure. There are also collectors that loathe this sculpt for the extra set of holes in the body (but that doesn’t affect me much). I think the price is higher too because this VC25 sculpt is quite complex with multiple features like opening panels, a functioning utility arm and a “container” for the periscope to be stored. Had they used a simpler design, I believe this set could have easily been set at $59.99.

    • I am totally with you on this. Cancelled my preorder as soon as the figures were confirmed. SA? Hardly. No matter what anyone tries to justify. The Disney Park droids are better value. So what it is 8 POA rather than 13, the’re just more of the same, just more astromechs.

  • “This biggest complaint I’ve run across for this set is the price, which is interesting considering the cost breakdown per figure is about what we pay at retail now for TVC/Black Series quality figures.”

    It’s frustrating to me that this commentary is gaining traction. No one has ever been happy with paying the premium collector line price for the small form-factor figures. But we did so with the understanding that it was part of the wave cost averaging. Paying (at the time) the full $8 MSRP for the Vintage Collection R2 and Wicket was made more tolerable because we got one of the greatest figures of all time in that wave which was (supposedly) a loss leader for Hasbro. There is no Gamorrean Guard in this set that justifies over-paying for a half-figure.

    • I think folks are neglecting to factor in that they also get this set shipped to their home for free. So, if you were to back out the price of what ever this set cost to ship, wherever you are in the US, the price per figure is essentially less than the retail MSRP of current figures. Again, a win-win for collectors that A. want this set and B. want it without the frustration of driving from store to store to complete a wave of 6 collector-quality figures. #halfglassfull

      • General Hux

        #halfglassfull is something a lot of collectors can’t do, Jayson. 🙂

      • Darth Janus

        Honestly, I just wish the droids were more interesting. I love the two OT droids, but the animated ones just don’t do much for me.

    • What I would argue is that folks object paying these prices for the Walmart SA figures, but continue to do so (if they can find them in the “wild”) in hopes “hopes” that Hasbro will see that there is still a market. Does anyone really want a repacked Lando or Akbar? I would imagine not. The secondary market (scalpels, ToyWiz whatever) is a shame and an insult. This set is an insult. The big surprise reveal was an insult. I dislike that I continue to be so invested, but it’s real hard to give up this crack after 20 years of being on it.

  • Bombadgungan

    I need to get my order in for a set of these.

  • Barney Dunn

    The dates branded so conspicuously on the back of the dome would be unacceptable for retail sale. I suspect something this obvious is due to being an early prototype.

  • General Hux

    Great job on the photography, Jay!
    These look great!

  • Jebediaah

    OMG! The embossed date stamp on each dome is awful. Couldn’t they have put it on the inside of the dome or bottom of a foot? Does the number really need to be seen once the Astro is fully assembled?

    • General Hux

      These are not the final samples…These are production samples.

      The stamps will not be on the final release according to Entertainment Earth.

      • Jebediaah

        You’re right, I did read that but I forgot after I thought about Jayson’s review comments.

      • General Hux

        Tell your sister I was right.