• Bombadgungan

    I really don’t bother seeing too many movies in 3D. I did see TPM 3D and thought it was not as good a *3D* experience as some other movies I’ve seen. However, I love Star Wars and would have paid to see them all in 3D format, just to have the experience of seeing them in theaters again larger than life.

  • Cryptid

    I knew someone who went to school with the kid who played Little Orphan Annie in TPM. She said he turned into a really angry nerd and if you brought up Star Wars, he’d get dangerous. He also smelled bad too. These were my friend’s observations, not mine but she gave me no reason to not believe her. They were students at the Columbia College Chicago at the animation department at the time and they had several class together according to her.

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    Wonder influence/timeline licensees are given. The Phantom Menace Tsum Tsum beanies have just been released. Saw them at Target this week. Interesting to get 2 new young Ani collectitoys released at the same time.

    • Bombadgungan

      Yep, saw those. I picked up Amidala & Maul. Also, don’t forget the recent release of Qui Gon Pop! and upcoming Qui Gon TBS 6″ figure.

  • neronicus

    Hey sorry to bother you again….i was wondering if you knew if its possible to headswap the 5poa kylo ren with the 3.75 tbs walmart kylo ren? I want to be able to have an articulated figure with the helmet head rather than the hood head…..

    • Paul B

      It’s cool
      It is, but you will have to stretch out the five poa head. I haven’t down it yet, but it can be done.
      I’m on the look out for a cheap five poa Kylo Ren figure so I can do that

  • Jawa_Fetish

    That’s so wizard!

  • General Hux

    I am surprised that they’re making this.

    • Bombadgungan

      It is a surprise, isn’t it? Kind of a nice change of pace.