• danielhubby

    Out of stock.

  • GIBBS v2

    It’s cool people like it but this could have been so much better minus the photoshopped beach party battle. The Death Star looming over the Caribbean paradise was an intriguing enough image. I can almost hear the conversation between the art director and someone in marketing. Look man that’s cool but people gotta know it’s star wars put some lasers and storm troopers in there. I don’t have time man, I’ll have my design intern do it. (That explains the 14ft tall storm trooper in the ocean)

  • Matthew

    Got one thanks Jayson for heads up!

  • MCScoobyT

    what do you think they mean when is says it’s double sided?

    • The same image is printed (in reverse) on the back side of the poster, that way, when it is hung in the display at the theatre and light is shone through it, the poster maintains its color and is not washed out by the intense bulbs.

      • General Hux

        Intense bulbs?

        I don’t know why but that sounds funny.

      • MCScoobyT

        That what I was hoping and guessing! You can build a cheap light box for these with the U shape florescence bulbs and a light hoods from Home Depot!!!

      • danielhubby

        Many thanks to Jayson! I loved the contrast of this image since I first laid eyes on it and scoped eBay and my local theaters for a reasonable chance at getting one. I’d given up hope and then spotted the story yesterday. Mission accomplished!! Thanks!

    • nate e.

      I have a Predator 2 double sided poster. Huge WIN for me! Or not…

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  • Chuck McMenamin

    Snagged one. Thanks!

  • jabbathehutt98

    I need 5 codes to get this. Anyone willing to help me out? Thanks!

  • Rogue 13

    Got one! Thanks for the heads up.