New/Old Aisle Shippers Hitting Target Soon


Target is prepping another update this weekend that will see the return of pre-packed aisle shippers. The catch is that they are loaded with new/current Rogue One) product and old stock like the Kanan/Ahsoka wave of 6″ Black Series figures, Chewbacca Mom masks, 12″ TFA Hero Series figures and the like.

Thanks to TargetGod for the tip and confirmation.

  • Bombadgungan

    I have not seen these shippers at Target yet, but I did see shippers with TBS 6″ wave 6 (Luke, Ahsoka, Kanan, Jango, FO Snowtrooper) at Fred Meyer. I’ve actually been seeing that wave all over the place lately; Fred Meyer, Walmart, Wagreens, etc.

  • Mike

    I happened upon one of these shippers today in the boys clothing section. Loaded with the Ahsoka wave and Rogue One 5POA wave 1, and other stuff. In the toy aisle was a single C3PO and a Death Trooper… and lots of Jyn’s and Cassian’s of course. Krennic and Scarif Trooper gone, luckily a found them the day before at a different Target.

    • Bombadgungan

      Congrats on your score Mike!

  • General Hux

    Found most of wave 2 of the 3.75″ figures two days ago at Target, no Krennic or Rey.

    I saw the Ahsoka wave last week.

    • Bombadgungan

      Congrats Hux!

      I found a single 5-poa blue snow coat Cassian at Target on Friday. I hate to admit this, but I couldn’t recall in the moment whether or not he was in wave 1 or wave 2, so I passed. I’m sure wave 2 will show up in numbers before X-mas, so no worries.

      • General Hux

        Cassian is really a well done figure, great sculpt and his parka reminds me of Han’s coat on Hoth. 🙂

        • Bombadgungan

          Do you also have the 6″ version?

          • General Hux

            Nope, he looks like Sylvester Stalone…

          • Bombadgungan

            I didn’t see that before you mentioned it, but yeah, I guess he kinda does. Thanks, now I can’t unsee it! 😉

            I have passed on 6-inch “snow” Cassian so far, but I did just pick up the Target exclusive Cassian in the 3-pack last week. Who knows, I may cave in and buy the snow version later.

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    So crazy. I saw a 6″ Kanan at a local Target this week, and thought it was from the back, or a return. Maybe not. Previously, the ONLY time I saw him (or any Ahsoka wave) was all at once in about 4 or 5 cases worth on a clearance aisle shelf away from toys when they went on clearance. Hasbro needs to get with it (rinse and repeat) with distribution. I may have bought him at full price, but couldn’t find it, then found en masse on clearance, now he’s coming back at full price. Are we going to see the Leia wave before Xmas? Who knows.

  • darthvaderdisco

    Found Wave 2 Jyn Erso and Chirrut Imwe at my local Target (Iowa) today.