• Bombadgungan

    This makes for a nice set of 12″ dolls. I see these as a nice continuation / replacement for the old 12″ Kenner and later Hasbro dolls. Should be enough to quell adult collector complaints of the kid aimed 12″ Titan Hero line, yet attract those who can’t or are unwilling to shell out for a several hundred dollar Sideshow or Hot Toys figure. I’m not blown away with the likeness on Jyn or Rey, but I am astonished at the likeness of Krennic.

  • Powellfamily

    There are more coming according to EW.com between now and Dec. 16:


  • Fiery Little One

    … I commented just yesterday on JTA that the only ones to get her face right are the ones that typically go for the larger scale. This seems to prove my point.

  • SID

    Well… Never got the ANH action collection Leia (or even the vintage one) so this will go perfectly with my 12″ dolls.


    They need to teach Hasbro how to do head sculpts, because this looks amazing!

  • General Hux

    I am really interested to see what Vader will look like…

  • zayne


  • RumSleg

    The face looks almost like they did a computer scan and 3d-print of Fisher’s likeness. A little reminiscent of the thing where (at Disney parks?) you can have your own likeness scanned and turned into the head on a stormtrooper action figure.

    So the likeness doesn’t look particularly action-figure-y, but it is still a very accurate likeness. Bad timing for this to be surfacing at the same time as we’re getting first shots of the final production of Hasbro’s 6″ Leia.