Gentle Giant Cyber Week Sale


Each day from Monday,  November 28 through Friday,  December 2, Gentle Giant will feature select ‘Out of the Vault’ Items. These items are very limited in quantity. These items will be made available to our Premier Guild Members first. If there are any quantiites left on the next day, they will be offered to the general public.

Head over to Gentle Giant for more details,

  • Jason

    I just want GG to justify selling a regular mini bust for $120 now. I don’t know if it’s Disney or what.

    • CT-7567

      $120? Really? The last time I bought a mini bust(silver age Iron Man) was about a decade ago and it was $40. Even back then I felt that price was pushing it. $120 is just crazy.

      • Jason

        Yeah it used to be more expensive for bigger busts, like the Republic Commandos, but now it’s everything.

  • chad

    Would be nice if these were actually in stock.