• Ziggybab

    I think it should be 99.00 maximum. The insane greed is why Star Wars toys are dying out.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    Price is at $219 now. What are they trying to accomplish? Lolz.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Weird… they must already know the MSRP is ridiculous

  • singsingjohnny

    Toys like this are exactly why I sold my collection and stopped collecting Star Wars after 20 years. Thanks Hasblo. And If I want a Nerf gun, I’ll go two aisles over, thanks.

  • chad

    Yeah, I think we got spoiled with the big At-AT that came out back in 2010. The $300 price is ridiculous. Also, the cockpit fits one driver and the rest of the space is taken up by the Nerf darts.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Updated post to refleft the price is back to $300

  • Jon Morgan

    Can anyone enlighten me as to what makes this priced at $300? It doesn’t even look that great. Seriously who’s parents are gonna spend $300 of a giant hunk of bland plastic? Wii U’s are $300 and light years better than this.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Agreed, this price point is a freaking joke

  • RumDumb

    Still $150 too much

  • Barney Dunn

    How low will it go? Around March we will see post alerting us Amazon has this for $79.99.

    • GIBBS v2


    • FireFox91

      Now it IS $79.99 cool!

  • FireFox91

    It’s cool, but still not $200 worth of cool.