Rogue Rumor: New Figure Two Packs


Rumour has it (ooh) we can expect a few more Rogue One (5 POA) action figure two packs — both of which may feature a trooper that seems to be all the rage right now. One of the sets includes a rebel pilot, the other, a “space monkey”?  Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  • Bombadgungan

    What troopers are “all the rage”? I hope it’s more Scarif Stormtroopers.

  • Darren Taylor

    Well if the rumour is “a rebel pilot”, surely that has to be Bodhi Rook… right?

    • Tom P.

      Pilot is going to be the U-Wing pilot shown during the BTS video.

    • CT-7567
        • Chris Lastovich

          Whats the next wave comprised of? Thats the first carded image I’ve seen of Rook and the individual Death Trooper!

          • Tom P.

            Admiral Raddus
            Admiral Thrawn
            Bodhi Rook
            Fenn Rau
            Death Trooper Specialist
            Jyn Erso (Imperial Ground Crew Disguise)
            Scarif Stormtrooper

          • CT-7567

            Sounds like a great wave. In not digging Bodhi Rook. Something about him I can’t really place. Too earth-like maybe. But the rest are great. I’m in love with the Deathtroopers right now, so even though I have the SA one I want the basic 5poa. Really looking forward to Thrawn and Rau too.

          • Code Name: Ship Wreck (G.I. Joe Extreme version)!

          • Bombadgungan

            Are we sure all of those share a wave or is this just a list of what all has been announced so far?

          • Tom P.

            We’ve now seen that Fenn Rau and Raddus are going to be in the next wave. The rest are in the same wave as confirmed in and EE case pre-order.

          • Bombadgungan

            Cool, I just saw wave 3 pre-order on EE. So I’m guessing by “the next wave” you mean Fenn Rau and Admiral Raddus are going to be in wave 4? You said we’ve seen that. Where? I must have missed it. I think Fenn was perhaps shown at SDCC. I’ve seen Raddus shown, but don’t recall where. Entertainment Weekly perhaps? Its so very confusing the way figures are randomly revealed these days.

          • Tom P.

            Yes, the reveals are quite bad. I just meant that since we’ve now seen the wave 3 list, it makes sense for those two to be in wave 4.

        • CT-7567

          Thanks Jayson! I had no idea these were found at retail. I was thinking the beginning of next year at the soonest. That’s how it was in my area with TFA BAW. The Hux/PZ wave hit around November and then nothing until Febuary when the Han/Jungle and FN-2187 Desert waves showed up briefly. Where were these found?

          • They weren’t found it retail, theyre on display at Lucasfilm

      • Bombadgungan

        I remember seeing this one (SDCC or NYCC?), but I never assume from a promo photo of a loose figure that it is going to be a single carded release. For the longest time I thought the Seventh Sister was going to be a single release. However, Jayson’s picture below is enough proof.

  • RumSleg

    Are there any rumors about who the E8 Victor Guard and Tango Red are?

    • Yes, but can’t go into that here.

      • Bombadgungan

        Please direct me to where you can go into that. 😉

  • RumSleg

    HasbroPulse promised all three versions of the Scarif Trooper in 5POA by the Spring, and the Squad Leader came with Moroff, so these packs must be General Merrick with the Regular Trooper and Bistan with the Captain.

    • Tim

      The regular troopee has been confirmed to be a single carded figure. the Bistan and the Scarif Captain sounds interesting though..

  • SlothFromHoth

    Well, Bistan is a must for me. I wonder if the Rebel pilot will be an orange or blue flightsuit???

  • The wonder twins space monkey Gleek makes a cameo in a Star Wars movie???? Wow, its like someone shoved a hoojib inside and ewok and covered it in gungan sauce!!!!! A HOO-WOK-GUN!

  • General Hux
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if they just packed the AT-ACT figures when they realise the vehicle set has to go on clearance for a fourth of its original price?

    • TatooineSandworm

      But you can get the Astromech (arguably a much better version) in the Disney Rogue One 4 pack, the Jyn is available as a single card and an upcoming 4 pack, and the Pilot is a made up Hasbro creation of taking a Scarif Trooper helmet and putting it on the Tank Driver body. So the real question is, why would you want any of them?

      • Yeah, how stupid are companies for producing so many toys about the same characters and how stupid are collectors to purchase them!!! How dare the R2-D2 collectors (for example) to have more than ONE figure of R2-D2 in their collections, as all the others are just repaints, repacks or retools of the same character??? Let’s end this once and for all and tell the collectors not to collect more than one instance of their beloved SW character!!! ROFL *wink*

        • Now seriously. I’m just interested in the droid, and both instances of B5 are quite different, from sculpt to paint apps… things only a collector would notice and appreciate, you know 😉

          • CT-7567

            I want this version of the droid too. Especially if he has an important role in RO. By important I mean if he ends up carrying the DS plans for a while after they are stolen. Like a reverse Artoo. I think that would be cool.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    Space Monkey? Maybe that’s the guy manning the gun in the behind the scenes trailer. Lolz.

    • Chuck McMenamin

      That was my first thought too

      • coachvader

        Mine as well, which would be awesome !

        • Bombadgungan

          Absolutely. It’s gotta be Bistan.