• Theater Geek

    The Walmart pictured is one that’s in my regular cycle. They were piled everywhere. I couldn’t believe it. It was like they got all the cases that the Walmart down the road (literally at the other end of the same road as that one) didn’t get.

    There’s another Portland-area Walmart that got a bunch of the Phasma Wave that skipped a bunch of the other stores. It was really strange.

    • Bombadgungan

      How’s it going TG? I went into this store the other day myself. It was before I saw this story posted, so as you can imagine it was a total shock to me. I managed to get a couple Scarif Stormtroopers before they were all gone, plus a Cassian and another Jyn with better paint apps.

      So the Foster/Powell Walmart is barren? I haven’t been over there lately.

      • Theater Geek

        I haven’t been to that one, but the Hayden Meadows location is famous now. Someone tweeted to JTA a pic of their end cap. I think they must have gotten 5 cases each of the two Rogue One waves. There were at least a dozen of every figure. It was almost like the old days. I bought four more Scarif troopers and there were still plenty left.

  • Faust

    The Walmart in my home town just got in the Phasma wave…two weeks ago they put out the Jyn/DT wave now they are going back to one they never stocked when it was new? Oy vey Walmart.

  • Adam Holt

    This has happened at my local Walmart’s too, and it’s the previous wave with TFA Han and Leia! We will NEVER see the Scarif or Andor figures!

      • Adam Holt

        Ahhhh! You jerk! Lol. We won’t ever see those. Gonna have to order online.

      • Bombadgungan

        Congrats Jayson!

      • General Hux

        Rub more salt into my wound. 🙂

    • Bombadgungan

      Ouch! That’s a few waves behind. No Ackbar/Ahsoka/Lando/ERG wave? No Jyn/Death Trooper wave?

      • Adam Holt

        We received both of those waves around the same time as everyone else but this past week both of my local Walmarts stocked several cases of the TFA Han/Leia wave each. We won’t be seeing the Scarif/Andor wave for a long time, if ever!

        • Bombadgungan

          I see. I was very happy to get my TFA Han and Leia, but like someone else said, no one is army building senior citizens. Hopefully you have 1 or 2 other Walmarts that aren’t in the same situation. Or perhaps you can order them from Walmart’s website with free store pick up?

  • Paulskywalker

    If only that was here!!

  • Mother_Talzin

    The price tag is likely keeping kids, parents, gift givers, and casual fans away. I expect they’ll be piled up even after the holidays.

  • scram

    Same at my WalMart

  • Boba Fettuccini

    My local store looks like this too. No Cassian or shoretroopers yet, but there were a couple death troopers and royal guards in there, as well as previously impossible to find Phasma and large quantities of First Order Stormtroopers. So overall, this is probably a good sign and a bad sign. Better distribution of hard to find stuff, but less likely to get the newest waves in until they sell through.

    • Bombadgungan

      I totally agree. A shame Walmart can’t get their distribution right. Nice that you found Phasma. I would have liked to get more than 1 FO Stormtrooper. Too bad the Walmarts around here didn’t care much about carrying this line at the time.

  • Paul

    I got mine today. These are great figures.

  • Mateo Galvez
  • heybert17

    That is some top shelf distribution.

  • Mike

    In Kentucky stores are putting out multiple cases of the Phasma wave- 3-4 at a time

    • Bombadgungan

      Phasma you say? Cool! I only saw her once here, about a month ago.

  • Fiery Little One

    That looks kind of like the TRU I was at yesterday.

    • Caleb

      Just at TRU today and they finally have 30 to 35 for TBS6 (just one of each), and finally found Scarif squad leader at EB right after.

      • Fiery Little One

        Yeah, when I was at TRU I picked up their exclusive and Sabine. I also, finally, had a chance to investigate Rebelscum’s report from a few weeks back about finding Krennic’s wave at Chapters, by way of an Indigo I visit from time to time.

  • Jebediaah

    95 total at my local smaller Walmart. A few Jyn’s, Ahsoka’s and Phasma’s in there.

  • Mike Avallone

    And in my area Walmart sucks as usual and has nothing new. 7 Walmarts and nothing. Please take away their exclusive already. They don’t deserve it.

  • Cody Brown

    And yet my local stores just stocked Phasma’s wave (picked them up as well, I really like Phasma, Han is great besides the headsculpt, and leia is, yeah..)

  • Jaken Wraith
  • Jaken Wraith

    That’s everywhere in my area. Have one in Hamilton like that, and now Pemberton also.

    • Jaken Wraith

      And with all these Fig’s in my area. NO Scariff or Cassian. And also, try and find a Chewie in the wild nowadays, good luck.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    Wow! Haven’t got the Ahsoka Royal Guard wave here yet.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    The shelves around here look kinda like that, but we haven’t seen Canadian or the Shore troopers yet.

  • TeeKay1138

    I can help cleaning this stock if you want :p

  • Danny

    Walmarts around here is about the same, but instead of these newer figures, they are flooded with Finn, Poe and Han

  • Steve Stuber

    Send some Cassians and Shoretroopers my way.

    • Bombadgungan

      You’re too late for Scarif Stormtroopers. A hoarder already swooped in and bought every last one of them the same day this story was posted. I can send a big load of Cassians your way though. I’m sure those will be hanging around for awhile.