• Theater Geek

    I just went back to this location, they still had tons of all the figs almost two weeks later.

  • William D Morrison

    We got 2 cases of wave 1

  • CT-7567

    Wow. Just, wow. Looks like the old days.

  • Landan

    My Walmart is stocked but not that bad….still don’t have scarif or Cassian. On top of one case of each wave before now

  • Checking Southwest Airlines for tickets to Portland…
    This is probably why I can’t find anything at Walmarts in San Antonio.

  • Theater Geek

    I just stopped at that very Walmart and almost pooped myself. I bought 4 Scarif Troopers and there still a bunch left.

    • Mateo Galvez

      Is it the clackamas walmart location

      • Theater Geek

        It’s Hayden Meadows location. Out by the Portland Meadows race track. (I think the exit off of I5 is Victory Blvd.)

    • Pieter Ketelaar

      Dude, Christmas hookup on four more and a Cassian for me, please?

  • I wish that were my Walmarts.

  • BK

    We have a good supply at my Walmart too, but I wish they would get waves in faster for 3.75. No one around here buys the 6 inch.

  • Ty

    Not at mine….my Walmart looks nothing like this…the shelves are all but bare….

  • 80sRobot

    It’s as if the Black Series 3.75″ line is being sold like it’s the “normal” 3.75″ line.

  • Robb

    Please send some to the Porter Ranch Store in Southern California. They have zero 3.75 inch Black Series and almost a non existent Star Wars section in general. Walmart distribution is horrendous.

  • Richard Grissom Jr.

    And I’m over here still waiting for the Royal Guard wave to hit my area. It’s Finns and Poes for as far as the eyes can see here. Lolz. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/192615d71c073523323f44cc1d4d026bc0dd1efaf90ffcf470eac5b1ced3a5f2.jpg

  • Joe G

    Is this Hasbro’s passive-aggressive way of punishing all those evil empire “red states”, or is this a matter of really bad distribution…you decide…

  • Fiery Little One

    The TRUs in my area look like that more than the Walmarts now.

  • Indysolo007

    My store looks like that in the Boston area, only replace any variety with finn, Luke, Leia and Phasma. The new wave will never hit my store.

  • Bombadgungan

    Where are all the Royal Guards?

    • SID

      Don’t you know they are only for scalpers? No one else is allowed to purchase them.

      • Bombadgungan

        Uh yeah! I feel VERY lucky to have found a couple for myself. Of course ERGs aren’t in the Cassian/Scarif wave, while Ackbar and Lando are, so that could be what we’re seeing here.

        • SID

          I broke down last night and got this off eBay… (also got 5x Finn exclusive for $11! Same seller)


          • Bombadgungan

            Wow, good deal! Congrats on getting your ERG!
            What exclusive Finn? TBS 3.75″? Not sure why anyone would want or need 7 Finns, but heck, for that price you’re paying less than the regular price for one.

          • SID

            Took the words out of my mouth. Figure I’ll open one customize another… Think it would make a good rebel or Biggs custom. It was soo cheap for that lot and I held out on the figure so… Lol.

  • Mother_Talzin

    Wow…theres no way they’re going to be able to move all those, even during the holiday shopping season. Distribution is still such a mess with this sad line that some WMs get nothing and this store is drowning in cases. With stock like this, theres no reason to pick them up at full price either.

  • vikingrobot

    You could walk into almost any Walmart in St Louis right now and pick up every 3.75″ Walmart Black Series that has been released
    …except for Cassian Andor, Scarif Trooper, and Yavin Ceremony Leia.

  • Jason Wood

    Time for a road trip.

    • shane

      Find anything ?

      • Jason Wood

        Portland is to far for me on a Sunday but maybe after xmas. Did see some Cassian Andor figures today for the first time. But I have to wait til payday to buy anymore toys.

  • Big Rich


  • Faust

    My local Walmart looked kinda like that last February and I was STOKED…but now it is over crowded with the Finns, Poes and Endor Hans that never sold. I have a feeling by this time next year it will be singing the same song, only this time it will be about Jyn Erso, General Lando, and Admiral Ackbar hanging around, collecting dust and haunting collectors.
    Not saying that I wouldn’t be totally jazzed to actually be able to find Cassian and Shore Troopers in a big ol cache like that.

    • Bombadgungan


  • Matthew Ruch

    It’s so beautiful!

  • Biffard P. Misqueegan

    My closest Walmart has about 40+ TFA Hans and Leias backing up the pegs. It’s worse than the TPM 3D glut of 2012. Are there any collectors that army build senior citizens? You could probably put together a pretty decent elder-care facility diorama

  • Joseph

    Wow. How in the heck did that happen.

  • General Hux
  • Mike Avallone

    You suck Walmart. 7 in my area and still have peg warmers from The Force Awakens.

    • Bombadgungan

      Ooo… you guys got the Force Awakens waves? Lucky!

      Yeah, Walmart does suck. It’s feast or famine! I’ve been going since this line launched with less than a case in stores if any at all. And then it’s a month or two before the next partial case gets stocked. Now we (I’m in Portland) get this deluge (this report and the one last week). Sure it is fantastic for collectors here at the moment that want these latest releases, but come January or February or whenever the next wave is released, we’ll be in the same boat you are apparently in – sitting on a stockpile of old goods. Am I happy it is so easy for me to find a Shoretrooper, a Cassian, a Death Trooper and Jyn? Sure. But I would much rather Walmart get their ordering act together and have a decent (but not ridiculous) amount of stock year-round. Not empty pegs, missed waves and then this overkill.

      • Jason Wood

        There isn’t another wave till maybe April or May.

  • Tosche Station

    That is an amazing sight for sure!

  • Pieter Ketelaar


  • Rivesjunctionite

    Holy cow. Is that the Cassian wave?

    • chad

      Yep, I won’t be seeing that wave in my area anytime soon.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        No, apparently they’re all right there!

    • General Hux

      Use your eyes.

      • Rivesjunctionite

        Deceive you they will. Trust them do not.

        • General Hux

          Well played.