• Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    LOL at Dorkside Toys only selling the full case of this wave. There is no way for them to unload those repacks otherwise.

  • Bombadgungan

    It is just asinine how collectors act these days. Apparently this wave is “crap” because Hasbro has “dared” to reissue main characters. These collectors selfishly believe that once they have acquired a particular figure it should never be made available again.

    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      You’re obviously not following this line close enough. This is the 5th time Jyn is being released in this same outfit! Its moronic. Her figure and the other repacks are EVERYWHERE clogging pegs and will keep these new figures from getting wide release in stores and online.

  • Mike Avallone

    Well after getting my last case of Black Series 6″ figures, the one with the Russian wrestler looking Leia, I am am officially done buying 6″ figures. How is it that 3.75″ figures can look better than a 6″? I never thought that could be possible. I have been collecting these since the very beginning(R2-D2, Maul), and they have steadily gotten worse. Seriously, for the price of a BS 6″ I Can buy a bigger jakks pacific for the same price with an awesome sculpt and have a great time customizing it.
    Good by 6″ Black Series.

    • J.R. Raz

      * goodbye

      • Mike Avallone


    • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

      Dont let the door hit u on the way out.
      Leia is the worst figure out of a great wave. But you ignore that and play with your giant shampoo bottle.

  • Max

    Instead of repacking Eadu Cassian and pauldron-less Death Trooper, they should release individually the superior versions of them (“normal” Cassian and specialist DT) from the Target-exclusive 3 pack.

  • Astro theultimate

    I wish this wave had some other new figs in it, like a Bohdy or Saw, but suill excited for these.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    this wave blows have at em

  • Fiery Little One

    Well, I’m definitely getting 2 of the figures from this wave.

  • Chris Lastovich

    At least this gives my wallet a chance to catch up!

  • Bombadgungan

    Good to see we’ll have another chance at Krennic.

  • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

    JYN, Captain Cassian and Deathtrooper repacked figures AGAIN!!!!!!?????

    Only a moron would order this case.

    • There should be a Scarif Trooper in there instead.

      • Bombadgungan

        The Squad Leader? Because the rank and file Shore Trooper is exclusive to Walmart .

        • Obviously

          • Bombadgungan

            Agreed that the Shore Troopers will be in demand and warrant a reissue, but it seems to me that the rank and file trooper should have been the mass release and the Squad Leader the exclusive. Just my thought.

          • Jesus’s Best Friend Floyd

            Not really. The trooper Exclusive has been available in walmarts and on their site for weeks. Super easy to order as many as u want.
            The Squad leader not so much.

  • Mateo Galvez

    what about black series 3.75 wave.
    We still need a
    Luke Skywalker (Force Awakens)
    Rey (Resistance Version)
    Lor San Tekka
    General Hux

  • hammyhamster

    This is the Force Awakens of Black Series sets


  • Danny

    Besides Chirrup and Baze this wave totally sucks!