Beware of Defective AT-ACT NERF Blasters

Today, my son and I eagerly opened the giant package on our front door… I just couldn’t make us wait for Christmas.  We had just seen Rogue One togeher over the weekend and this was just icing on the cake (though rather expensive icing).

While my son frantically set up a group of Rogue One rebel figures, I assembled Hasbro’s latest “big thing.”  I plopped in the batteries, and turned it on.  Watching it walk across the kitchen floor was cooler than I expected.   My son’s eyes gazed in wonder… my daughter clapped her hands… “Make it shoot!” she screamed with joy!

So I pressed the “fire” button… the hatch opened… and a sound was made… but that was all.  So I opened the hatch, expecting a simple NERF dart jam.  But alas, this AT-ACT is dysfunctional.  It will not shoot, and the hatch will not close.

For those that are against Hasbro adding NERF features to the Star Wars line, this risk is another reason to be against this sort of feature.  Who knows how many of these vehicles will begin to have this problem over time… or even when kids get it for Christmas and can’t even enjoy it for a full minute and end up crying like mine did this evening.

Hopefully this is an isolated incident, but I would be surprised if the one family that has this issue happens with is my family.  Please share your thoughts or experiences with this new toy in our forums.

  • Templeton
  • Templeton

    My son’s nerf function malfunctioned..I broke the head down to the gear box mechanism and found a snapped part in there..super glued the gear to this other thing and did a little mod to this other part and voilà..good as new! Drop the mic

  • bruce3318

    I just bought one today. Glad I waited since Target has them on clearance for $149.95. Mine does everything it should, but still not worth $300.00. My AT-ACT’s back right leg clicks when walking but no biggie.

  • FireFox91

    I understand the disappointment in a defective item, but did it really justify a front page post telling people to “beware” as if it were a Samsung Note 7 or a Honda airbag? There is no indication of a widespread problem to this point. Understand I am not uber Hasbro fan defending their honor. I think this thing is way overpriced and is destined for major clearance prices. I just don’t like it when people blow stuff out of proportion.

  • Rykrof_Enloe
  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Hasbro sent the following response, but I’m not really sure I like the idea that they might “exchange for an item of equal value.” Who knows what that could end up meaning. I’m not returning it to Hasbro. Either I will get it fixed, or I’ll go to Walmart with it and exchange or get $$ back.

    Hi Justin,

    Thank you for contacting Hasbro regarding your Star Wars Rogue One Rapid Fire Imperial At-Act. I appreciate your bringing this matter to our attention and I apologize for any disappointment this may have caused.

    Please be assured that I have shared your concerns with the product team. We will be pleased to arrange an exchange for you.

    To help facilitate the process, a postage paid mailing label has been sent via email from for you to use in returning the product to us. Simply package up your return and place the mailing label securely on the package. Drop it off at the Post Office window and it will be on the way back to us.

    Hasbro is committed to environmental sustainability and we ask that you do not include unnecessary packing material within your return. You can learn more about our Hasbro’s Corporate Social Responsibility by clicking

    Once the product is received at our returns facility, we will send a replacement product. If there is a production delay and this product is not available we will replace it with a product of equal value.

    To ensure our records are accurate, please update this incident with the following information:

    – Age of your son
    – Date of purchase
    – Date code of product, ex. 61162 (Stamped into both product and packaging)
    – Vendor Code, ex. C-012g (Next to Hasbro information)
    – Telephone number with area code
    – U.S. or Canada physical mailing address
    – 12 digit UPC bar code from package

    Justin, I want to assure you that all of us are dedicated to maintaining quality products. I hope you and your family will enjoy our products for many years to come.

    Warm regards,

  • bmales01

    I’d revise the title to just “BEWARE OF DEFECTIVE AT-ACT” because this whole piece is just defective 🙂

  • RumSleg

    Don’t be afraid to open it up and take it apart and fix it. There’s probably something physically out of alignment. It can’t be permanently broken. Worst case, a piece is broken and maybe you can get it replaced.

    • Rykrof_Enloe

      Trying to… having some issues as it doesn’t come apart too easily, There must be some screws or snapping mechanism that I can’t see. Afraid if I take it apart further the plastic on it is going to snap. I can’t really see inside it like I need to.

      • Zachary Hering

        Just get your money back. It’s defective and you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

      • RumSleg

        Oh, nevermind. Look who I’m talking to. I forgot Justin was Rykrof_Enloe’s alter-ego. You’ve got this.

        • Rykrof_Enloe

          Thanks for the vote of confidence! I took apart a Turbo Tank once… not to try and fix anything, but because I got it cheap at a garage sale and wanted one to “blow up” basically, plus I got it for just $5.00. I’m going to mess around with this again tonight after work and see how it goes.

          • RumSleg

            I’ve taken apart a number of my vehicles and never done any permanent damage that I can recall. I took apart my vintage Y-Wing and A-Wing to make their landing gear retraction work better. I took apart the AT-TE to fiddle with the electronics because the sounds were muffled for some reason. I took apart a couple LAAT gunships because I wanted to try and combine parts from different versions.

      • CT-7567

        Sorry to hear your kids were disappointed. It’s one thing to get let down as collectors, but it’s not fair that an item as expensive as this would end up making your kids cry. 🙁

  • SarcoPlankton

    I want it but, haven’t bought it yet. That sucks. I’ve been worried about what happens in a couple of years when they no longer support the app- or your OS won’t work with the app- whichever comes first. It will just be a plastic statue. I guess there’s more pressing issues right out of the gate.

    • nutzaboutpoker

      The product does operate without a smartphone you know. So it doesn’t matter what happens to the app.

      • SarcoPlankton

        Didn’t know that, thank you for the educational moment Nutz I’ve never heard anyone mention otherwise

  • Dakemesh

    That’s a bummer. Mine appears to work fine too.

  • nutzaboutpoker

    Odd – mine works fine and we use it several times a week to blast darts at my 1 year old. 🙂

  • Paulskywalker

    For $300 the least they could do is make something that works. Come on Hasbro start putting the time and effort in again to make good toys!

    • Mateo Galvez

      I know man! This is seriously the dark ages for Star Wars 3.75 collectors 🙁