• Bombadgungan

    I don’t even have to click through to the article anymore to know what lies ahead. I just have to read the word “Hasbro” and it’s “cue the whining complaints”. What happened to this world I live in? Oh yeah, the internet and the new culture of everything must be made with me in mind. Me, me, me… If you don’t need these figures don’t buy this set.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Ah yes, how fondly I remember the over-the-shoulder Phasma plasma cannon scene!

    At least we’re getting another Finn though. What we really need is a Constable Zuvio two pack, where the second Zuvio is wearing a mask like his deputies did.

  • Fluke Skycrawler

    Just like 40 years ago, we are once again denied figures of Tarkin and the Rebel fleet trooper. Why does Hasbro, and Kenner before them, pass on these characters?

    • Bombadgungan

      Yes! Two great characters that need to get back out there!

  • Max

    One year too late…

  • Tom P.

    Why can’t we just get more R1 characters? I haven’t seen the film yet so I don’t know who they can make, but come on. These are already pegwarmers and will be for the next year until Ep.8 comes out with figures. Hopefully we get an image of Bistan soon.

  • Boba Fettuccini

    This should have been the trooper with the riot gear. It really should have. Or just, not exist at all because we need more rogue one characters. I’ve been fruitlessly trying to kitbash more Rebel commandos and it’s hard to find things that don’t look too GI Joe.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Forum member “Sithspawn1969” reported getting this recently at a mall in Singapore.

    • Danny

      I’m sorry.

  • darthvaderdisco

    I can’t wait for this said no one.

  • RumDumb

    Is that missile tumor how phasma gets out of the trash compactor?

    • darthvaderdisco

      She never does. She sleeps on a bed of old pizza boxes and Netflix and Chills with the Dianoga.

  • Indysolo007

    This is the height of laziness! A year after the movies came out! Two figures currently stinking up the pegs! For an inflated price! With a new, crappy accessory!

    Hasbro is the worst! (I feel like this needs more exclamation points!)

    • Bombadgungan

      I don’t know of any reports of Phasma figures clogging the pegs. What inflated price? It is essentially the same price as buying 2 figures individually.

      How is it laziness to rerelease figures of 1 major and 1 hot character from your hugely popular franchise? How many times have Vader, Luke and Han been rereleased over the years? I will agree with you that the accessories are not particularly hitting their mark, certainly not with collectors. And in retrospect, Finn may not have exactly been ripe for repacking based on how sales went the first time around.

  • General Hux

    This really should be a two-pack with FN-2199 instead, Finn never fights Phasma. Sigh

    • RumDumb

      Deleted scene …Will be on the 4K bluray version. Right before episode 8. 😉

  • Jawa_Fetish

    I don’t think Hasbro saw TFA

  • RumSleg

    Pointless and a year too late. But at least they finally packaged a lightsaber with Finn!

  • tyehyll


  • Danny

    Hi Hasbro, this is pure garbage! Thanks, bye.