3.75″ Star Wars Rebels Saw Gerrera Coming Soon?

On Episode 62 of The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast. Forest Whitaker himself refers to seeing 3 figures of his Saw Gerrera character, one from Rogue One (as part of the Jedha Revolt 4 pack), the Funko POP! figure and one from the animated series (Star Wars Rebels) which he misidentifies as The Clone Wars. Hear it for yourself at the 51:50 timestamp.

Thanks to @RobGower on Twitter for the report.

  • Barney Dunn

    When did Saw Gerrera become so important? His purpose in Rogue One was never really clear. A lot of hype about Saw Gerrera that never amounted to much.

    • Paul

      I think it served a couple of different purposes. I think it showed that the Rebellion/Alliance was not as unified as was portrayed previously in the OT at least not initially; that there were factions within the Rebellion that were more extremist and violent than anything seen previously thereby muddying the morality of the Rebellion.

      It also serves to create another connecting thread from the clone wars to the original trilogy and serves as a test bed to see what the reaction is to animated characters moving in the live action movie side of the the Star Wars Table.

      Finally it may serve as a film introduction to a character who we may see in another stand alone or his own stand alone film at some point. Similar to what Marvel is now doing with characters like Black Panther

  • Pieter Ketelaar

    “Bor gullet!”

    • They need to release that guy along with a TFA Rathtar in a creature two pack.

      • Pieter Ketelaar

        “Bor gullet WILL know!”

    • SID

      Lol I think that’s the one line from that movie that sticks out the most to me… Everyday.

      • Kicker2


        • General Hux

          Everyday! More Lies!

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Excellent news!

  • General Hux

    That’d be sweet!