Sponsor News: Galactic Trading Post

Yakface.com is proud to welcome Galactic Trading Post,  creators of the amazing SPACE WALLS and accessories for 3.75″ and 6″ scale figures, as our newest sponsor. Customizers, diorama builders and toy photographers have wanted set pieces from the saga to accentuate their action figure displays for years and GTPToys has filled that need with their modular and expandable system. If you haven’t, please visit their site at GTPToys.com and check out their selection of in-stock and preorder products.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    I have been a diorama enthusiast since… really… as a kid, I guess back in the 1980s… these are the first thing that I’ve come across that really fits what I’ve been hoping to see in terms of fitting into the Star Wars universe… and the quality is downright professional, better than 3D printing or stickers… this is the best product for diorama walls that I’ve seen.

    I hope they continue to expand (especially in 3.75″ realm) and make more environments that align with other familiar scenes… doesn’t have to be just Star Wars-esque either… generic military, sci-fi, etc… that way we can use them for GI JOE and whatever… even Transformers… or Walking Dead…

    Thank you Galactic Trading Post for doing this… I’ve got several 6″ scale walls, can’t wait to get 3.75″ scale… and am considering diving into the 12″ range now.