And Then There Were Two….

The Vintage Kenner line holds a place of reverence for many collectors to this day — especially the first 12 figures. Over the years we’ve received many different iterations of those characters but two have yet to be represented in the “modern scale” of collecting. What better way to usher in the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars than to have a special assortment of figures paying homage to the line that started it all?

  • Sean Neagle

    Where did that vintage 12 image come from?

  • Jeff

    Id personally love to see the original 12 as they were drawn on the card back

  • mic windu

    or better yet release 12 sa 3.75 from The Force Awakens to usher in a second go round of the ‘original’ scale

  • Trent Pagels

    I think that if they were to release a Jawa by itself, it would need to come with a Droid or two. That way we could get $20 worth and army build in a way to reenact the scene

    • Shabby Blue

      We unfortunately got R2-D2 and Yoda all by themselves, so Hasbro would most likely screw us by only putting a single Jawa in the package too. I agree though that ideally it should either be two different Jawas in the package, like they’ve done with 3.75″ offerings in the past, or a Jawa and droid. I’d love to get one paired with a Power Droid. 6″ Gonk is high on my wishlist. 🙂

      • Trent Pagels

        I’m not as mad about R2 because we got so much with him, but Yoda, not as exciting. Hopefully Hasbro adds a little something else with the Jawa

    • souldeserter

      Perhaps they could do light-up eyes? We haven’t seen any sort of electronics in this scale, yet they managed lights and sound in a 3.75″ scale R2-D2. Add a restraining bolt controller and electro-pulse blaster as accessories. Also, even though many of us don’t consider it, Hasbro considers soft goods a premium which bumps up the cost to produce.

      Not that I’d be opposed to more astromechs, or junk droids of any shape. But I think the only way you’ll see that, or a multipack of Jawas for that matter, is as a store or convention exclusive.

  • Shabby Blue

    Wasn’t a Jawa rumored for the 6″ line long ago (like going on a year and a half now, according to some rumor lists)? I’m surprised we still haven’t seen one released yet. I’m also eagerly waiting for an R5-D4 figure in the 6″ line. I’m annoyed that we already have a red R5-K6 droid (from the TRU 3-pack) but we’re still waiting for R5-D4 🙁

    • Aerik

      Yeah, if I recall correctly, a Hasbro rep at one of the events last year hinted that R5-D4 was coming. Eventually.

      I’m more upset that it apparently won’t have a bad motivator, if they’re using the same head sculpt as R5-K6. The R2 units have so many head accessories, it seems like having one panel with one attachment wouldn’t be that big a deal.

      Heck, I was kind of imagining some kind of spring-loaded effect, so it would pop up. Ah, well.

  • I really think now is the right time to honor the history of this film and its toy line by offering the original twelve in some fashion. A wave of all twelve of them on vintage packaging would be my preferred method of doing this. I mean surely it would be a hit, right? As long as it’s not 5POA figures, but true modern updates to them.

    • NON 5 PoA? Now thats just crazy talk.

    • General Hux

      I wouldn’t mind them as 5POA figures….

      • CT-7567

        On vintage cards? Idk how I’d feel about that. I have no problem with 5poa SW figures. I really have neither RO line. But TVC was something special. I don’t think it should be anything less than perfectly articulated figures with proper accessories.

        • Bombadgungan

          I agree. I know this discussion has come up multiple times over the years, but now that we’ve had TVC, I just can’t see going back to 5-POA for that line. I’m fine with 5-POA for the kids, heck I even collect them, but it would totally muddy the waters to now put 5-POA in the same vintage packaging and charge a premium for them.

    • Doog

      You know, I’m really not sure that it would be a hit. Yes, I would buy it, likely for full price. I’m sure that most of the posters on this and similar boards would do the same. But I wouldn’t be all that excited – I have most of the original twelve on vintage cardbacks already. The Jawa is the only one that Hasbro has yet to release on the vintage cardback, right?

      What I would really appreciate as a fan of the action figures and the movies, is a couple of original figures. Like the Tonnikas. Or any other unmade Cantina patron or Mos Eisley droid or even random Rebel pilot, like Theron Nett. Personally, any of these would be marginally improved if released on Vintage cardback. But what I’m really interested in is newness of character.

      Part of what makes Star Wars great is that there is a nigh infinite number of possible figures to pick from. We’re never going to have them all, but that’s part of what keeps us coming back, right?

      • Bombadgungan

        Damn! Why do you have to be so reasonable and remind me that I already own 11 of these on vintage cards! 😉 However, like you said, you, I and most collectors would still likely be unable to resist. What if they were not single carded, but were presented in vintage-inspired mult-packs of 3 or 4? They could still reasonably do some parts swapping to give us the best version of each character without investing in new tooling. Also do some enhanced paint apps to breathe new life into existing sculpts. We’ve seen this work wonders in the past.

        We are still talking 3.75″ right? Or did we switch back to 6″? I don’t know anymore. I’m so lost!

        • Rykrof_Enloe

          Get ready for 6″ original 12, and 3.75″ metal stuff. At least that’s what it seems like we have coming.

          • Bombadgungan

            I just can’t see myself getting onboard with the metal figure line. The Disney Store 6″ die cast figures are fine, some I would even call exceptional, but I’ve already taken the leap to include Hasbro’s 6″ (plastic) figures in my collecting. I have no need for a die cast figure.

          • Bombadgungan

            So not clear at all then?

    • Bombadgungan

      Although it would be cool, I originally had my doubts about rehashing figures that we all most likely own. But… I got to thinking. Reissuing the same ol’ figures has never been something Hasbro has shied away from in the past. They had no problem giving us Darth Vader, Jedi Luke, Chewbacca, Endor Han, Admiral Ackbar, Lando and Empeor’s Royal Guard again over the past year. ERG was a no-brainer, but what was the reasoning behind the others? Was it that new collectors are coming onboard that were in need of super-articulated version of these characters? How much longer has it been since fans have had an opportunity to buy the original 12 on a single card? I’m glad you asked!

      – Tusken Raider: 2012 Discover the Force 3D (Walmart)
      – C-3PO: 2014 The Black Series-blue #16
      – Death Squad Commander: not in gray uniform since ’80’s
      – Imperial Navy Commander: 2014 The Black Series-blue #14
      – Han Solo: 2012 The Vintage Collection
      – Chewbacca: 2015 The Black Series (Walmart)
      – Princess Leia: 2004 Vintage Original Trilogy Collection
      – Luke Skywalker: 2007 30th Ann. Collection #18
      – R2-D2: 2009 Legacy Collection-red #30
      – Darth Vader: 2015 The Black Series (Walmart)
      – Stormtrooper: 2014 The Black Series-blue #08
      – Obi-Wan Kenobi: 2009 The Legacy Collection-blue #34
      – Jawa: 2014 The Black Series-blue #20

      So yeah, I’d count at least half of these as not being available recently.

  • Barney Dunn

    There are so many new characters and creatures in The Force Awakens and Rogue One, but where are all the figures? If this was 1982 we would have had endless rounds of new figures, creatures, vehicles and playsets. If not Hasbro, maybe Funko can recreate the magic in their Kenner-style ReAction line starting with Kylo Ren’s command shuttle, a Luggabeast, and Maz Kanata’s Castle playset. You could imagine the boxes they would come in and their play features.

    • Doog

      Well, the ’78-’85 Vintage line had 100 figures on the nose (not counting Droids and Ewoks). So I can’t really agree with your nostalgia there. I do believe that we would have better vehicles and playsets. Even though some of those Vintage vehicles were . . . boring.

      What you seem to miss isn’t 1982 but rather Hasbro’s work from ten years ago. Which WAS seeming endless rounds of new figures, many of them SA, and lots of new vehicles. But few playsets.

      Some of the reason for this is squarely at Hasbro’s feet. Since they have come to dominate all boys toys, their incentive to maximize the Star Wars line is reduced since they would be cannibalizing sales from some of their other toy lines. And some of their decisions have looked suspect or just plain collector-unfriendly.

      But the disruption of Disney buying Lucasfilm really should not be ignored. Beyond the underlying challenges of learning how to work best with a new corporate partner, the change radically altered the focus of the line, first away from the annual releases of the original six movies and now with an additional six movies.

      • Bombadgungan

        Agreed. 1982 would have been The Empire Strikes Back era which “only” brought us 28 new figures. Compare that to the 27 basic carded figures, 10 Armor figures and 9 Mission Series figures we got for TFA. That’s just 5POA mind you, not including vehicle pack-in figures or Black Series 3.75″ and 6″. While it’s true for Rogue One we’ve only been given 8 basic carded figures thus far, there are 7 more on the way (that have been revealed) along with 8 available in vs. 2-packs and 5 more in various multi-packs. So even RO equals the ’82 TESB count once added up and again, this just 5-POA and doesn’t even take into account the two Black Series scales.

        Man, we sure did get spoiled in ’05 – ’12!

  • Mateo Galvez

    No 6″ inch please. We live in a 3.75 world.

    • Zachary Hering

      I think a six inch scale set using the original paint decos would be cool and maybe even telescoping sabers

    • Roq

      Why the dislike? I collect both.

      • Mateo Galvez

        It’s not that I don’t like them. I’m just more familiar with the 3.75 line and the vehicles. And to be honest there really expensive but they are beautiful figures.

  • Super exciting…. not!

  • PeakOB1

    I said this from the very beginning…. if they started the line with these 12 figures, every single collector would have bit and became a six inch buyer or at the very least bought this entire wave just because!

  • Trent Pagels

    I have a question. Does anyone know where I can find stands for my Black Series 6 inch figures? I can’t find them anywhere?!?!?!

    • I use the DC Collectibles stands on some of them. They don’t work for all of them though since they’re intended for 7″ figures. I hope you get a better answer because I’d like to know too.

    • Barney Dunn

      ask flyguy at he has reviewed several stands

    • jedialex17

      Surprisingly, the stands made for the vintage Kenner figures work just fine with the Black Series 6″. That’s what I use.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    As much as I hate to admit it, making a 12 figure line like this actually makes more sense for 6″ scale than 3.75″ if it’s the original 12 since we already have perfect versions of most of these in 3.75″.

    That being said, we need a crap ton of new 3.75″ figures from the new films. Plus at least a dozen or so more from the two previous trilogies. And a damn Death Star playset.

    • CT-7567

      The problem is that most of these have already been released in 6″ scale. So people that already have them wouldn’t have that much to get excited about. Vintage-style boxes woukd be cool, but I’m not crazy about buying figures I already have at $20 each just for a cool box. Like others have said, they should’ve started the line off this way in 2013.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        Agreed, this will sell for nostalgia more than anything. It would be nice if they remade Luke without soft goods! And reworked the Stormtrooper ankles…

        • Bombadgungan

          Heck, if Hasbro were to see fit to rerelease these 6″ figures in vintage packaging they should go all out! Repaints of everything to give us nice finishes and washes to bring out the details and make those great headsculpts shine. Add in a handful of desirable accessories with each figure including alternate retro vinyl capes for Vader, Leia, Ben, Sand People and Jawa. Give Threepio a chrome gold plating and Artoo a proper detailed paint job. This would make the rereleases desirable to many more fans.

          • CT-7567

            Nice ideas, but unfortunately not likely. 🙁 I was kind of hoping they were going to do 6″ replicas of the actual Kenner figures. I only have one GG Jumbo because they’re too expensive. I’m not even sure why I want repros of figures I already have, but there’s something about getting them in a larger size that appeals to me. Especially if they were in vintage style boxes.

          • Bombadgungan

            I’ve never seen a GG Jumbo in real life. I’d likely geek out way more than just seeing an image online. Would you want your Hasbro 6″ Kenner replica to have full Black Series-level articulation or the traditional 5 points?

            As far as my pie in the sky dream of ultimate redos of previously released 6″ figures with all the bells and whistles, I forgot to mention that I would fully expect to pay a nice premium for such an item. They don’t have to release them in a $300-$400 12-pack, just release them individually in a line that consists of only these “original” 12 figures. What is the case pack for TBS 6-inch now? Six? Eight? So do either 4 waves of 3 (x2 of each figure) or 3 waves of 4 (x2 of each). That ought to stretch it across half the anniversary year.

          • CT-7567

            Well, if they are replicas then I would want them to be 5poa like the originals. The GG Jumbo I have is Chewbacca. It is beautiful. I went to this comic book store a few years back that had a sale where the jumbos were only $30-$40. Unfortunately, I missed them all but Chewie. They had one mint one for $40and one with a dented bubble for $30. I got both. I go by the rule of two, but usually not if it’s an expensive item. With the Chewbacca jumbo, I knew I’d never open it if I didn’t get two and they were on sale. It’s awesome and I did geek out, but they aren’t worth the normal asking price. I think the 40th anniversary 6″ figures will be in waves based on this image, but if course I could be wrong-

          • Bombadgungan

            I thought there was suggestion that this amiami listing was for die cast metal figures.

          • CT-7567

            IDK. It does say 6″ TBS. I know there are probably die-cast Titanium figures coming, but I assumed they’d be smaller than 6″ . I wish Hasbro would just announce stuff. I used to be able to plan and save money for upcoming toys. Now it’s feast or famine with no street dates aside from FF n September. Right now I still haven’t seen the Revan wave, the CassianScarif Walmart wave or anything from the 5poa Thrawn wave at retail. Last year, around February, the TFA Resistance Rey jungle and Unkar Plutt desert waves hit hard but very briefly. I NEVER saw the other six snowspace figures in stores. To this day I never got an Unmasked Kylo Ren and still need openers of Ackbar and the Heavy Artillery Stormtrooper. I’m afraid the next two RO waves, which may be the last, will have similar distribution problems. I also don’t like ordering online, but if it’s necessary I do it. Unfortunately, Walmart screwed up my last order and actually took $20 out if my debit card for something that they never sent me and refuses to refund it. Because of this I don’t feel comfortable ordering from them anymore. About a month ago, 3?75″ SA Cassian and Scarif Trooper, along with the 6″ exclusive Scarif Trooper were in stock on their website. I didn’t get them and now w the 3.75″ Scarif Trooper is sold out. I really hate Walmart.

          • Bombadgungan

            Yes, it is annoying how the information pipeline has become so disjointed with announcements made on all sorts of non-fan sites, Entertainment Weekly pops to mind, and overall information seems to be much more sparse. I’m certainly not one who has campaigned for the full line being revealed at the beginning of the year, however I would like to see everything get officially announced with a projected release date even if those dates often tend to get pushed back.

          • Bombadgungan

            Sorry about your Walmart experience. That really sucks! I even hate browsing their website. It is so slow and cumbersome for me to use. I also prefer the store hunts and finding figures in person and will only order online as a last resort. I’ve only ordered from Walmart twice. Once for their exclusive TCW Wolfpack set and just recently for their exclusive 6″ Scarif Stormtrooper. I was not finding their current 6″ exclusive at either of my local stores so, ended up taking a 100 mile road trip out of state to get one, based on their website showing ample stock at that location. Well surprise surprise, there were none to be found! I was able to order it from the website for local store pickup, but the box was a bit more tattered/crushed than I was hoping for. I know, I need to stop being so picky.

        • CT-7567

          Yup. There’s a few problems they could fix to improve the figures. The Stormtrooper never had the collar that they tooled for Han in Stormtrooper disguise. The neck post sticks out bad on that figure. It would be nice if they included the collar with this release since it’s a pretty nice figure otherwise. They could fix the head sculpt on Leia. I totally agree on Luke’s set good shirt. A Stormtrooper gun and belt woukd be a nice are addition too. I wonder if the INC will have a gray uniform? I don’t even have OT Threepio, Ben or Leia yet, so his is mildly exciting. I’ll reserve final judgment when I see the boxes. Replicas of the 12″ Kenner figure boxes, or something close to it, would be nice.

  • Pat Shark

    I’m all for any sort of Vintage 3.75″ love (that sounds so dirty…) but I guess the thing that has bummed me out the most with the advent of the 6″ line and the new 5 POA Force Awakens and Rogue One figures, is that for life long Original Trilogy collectors like myself, we were soooo close to completing the line.
    I mean we have the majority of characters from each scene: Cantina Aliens, Pilots, Droids, Jabba’s Palace denizens…. it just seems we’re further away than ever before from filling in those gaps. I truly hope they surprise us this year with some obscure gems. I’m all for the original 12 but I do have figures for most of those characters.
    So much competition now for those limited slots.

  • Paulskywalker

    I’m assuming this is a 6 inch hint. But i wouldn’t be surprised if there will be a 5 POA 12 pack of these for $200! (Exaggerating the price)

  • nate e.

    Those original 12 certainly have meaning to me. So does my early bird pack. I still have all the packaging and the unopened tray of figures. That is cool stuff.


    must be talking about POP, the big head scale, having more pieces produced than anything Hasbro and regularly stocked at more locations.

    • Bombadgungan

      Don’t even suggest such a thing as a 12-pack of the original Kenner Star Wars characters as Funko Pops! Jayson would loose his mind! 🙂

  • Doog

    Not that I am totally against 6″ figures. And if we are going to get more of them, a Jawa and Death Squad Commander are more appealing than many others.

  • Doog

    Better ways to usher in the 40th anniversary . . . . Super-articulated 3.75″ figures do spring readily to mind. And if you want to get specific, the Tonnika sisters would be a great addition to my action figure recreation of that galaxy far, far away that we were introduced to 40 years ago.

    • Bombadgungan

      I’m in agreement there. Although I collect all scales and POAs, I would certainly prefer super-articulated 3.75″ figures to be the focus or at least highlight of any 40th anniversary commemoration.

      Having said that, that is only my preference. Us old fogy 3.75″ collectors aren’t the only Star Wars fans in the world. If I understand correctly, the 40th anniversary is of the film/franchise/phenomena Star Wars, not necessarily the 40th ann. of Kenner 3.75″ action figures. Celebrating the film, characters and lore can take on many different forms. Why wouldn’t Lego or Funko for example want to put out some special items to commemorate this event as well?

  • Bombadgungan

    When I see that classic picture my mind automatically goes to 3.75″. I couldn’t figure out which two of these we hadn’t gotten in the modern line. Now I see we’re talking “modern scale” a.k.a. 6-inch.

    Death Squad Trooper and Jawa would be awesome! Packaged in retro-inspired 40th Ann. commemorative Vintage Collection packaging would be even better. However, I don’t know that I would want to go back and buy the other 10 characters that I already have again just because of the “collector” packaging. I know some who certainly would.

    • CT-7567

      Exactly what I was thinking. I still don’t have Ben, Leia or OT Threepio so five of them would be new to me. But then I’d feel compelled to get the set, assuming they’re in some vintage-style boxes. Also, now I’m not sure what to do if I actually see Ben, Leia or Threepio at retail. It’s usually a mistake to leave things behind. It also just occurred to me that Vader would probably be the new one so that’s half the set I don’t have. Still not that exciting to me.

      • Bombadgungan

        I would say if you see them in TBS packaging buy them. I take this more as a “wouldn’t it be cool” report than a “rumor” report. With the 3.75″ line it was a lot easier to pick up another of the same figure in special commemorative packaging. With 6″ they just take up so much space, not to mention are more costly, to easily collect duplicates.

        • CT-7567

          Agreed. If this did become a reality, id probably just get the ones I don’t already have. But even as I type this I think of , say, the Stormtrooper. It’s already a great 6″ figure. It would be hard to not grab one if it was in beautiful vintage packaging. This would be cool for the ones I don’t have. That nice new Vader would look great in a vintage box.

          • Bombadgungan

            I have not been lucky enough to find Obi-Wan or Leia yet. I waited and missed out on the one and only Darth Vader I saw. Of course Tusken Raider is not available just yet and Jawa and Death Squad Commander are nothing more than dreams at the moment. So yeah, any of those I’m missing would be no-brainers to pick up in “vintage” packaging.

            Of course many of us could always use an extra Stormtrooper. But… if we’re buying them for the packaging wouldn’t we be tempted to keep them packaged? If that is the case, speaking for myself, I would only buy the ones I still need and then maybe just one or two of my most favorite characters. C-3PO would be a easy grab for me and then maybe Luke, R2 or Boba Fett if they go that deep.

          • CT-7567

            I usually go by the rule of two. If we were talking about 3.75″, I’d say that I would get a set of all twelve to keep carded and only get openers of the ones I don’t have. But with 6″ being $20 each and taking up more space(especially when boxed), I will probably just get the ones I don’t already have. A complete set, if they are in vintage boxes, would be tempting. That’s around $240 though. Maybe if they came out in waves over a longer period it would be easier to afford them. Still, most of these characters have nice 6″ figures. Luke and Leia aren’t so great, but the rest are pretty good. If they were in boxes like the old Kenner 12″ they’d look great.

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    Hasblow will celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars by giving us Pre-Quel and Rebels junk nobody wants..Why would they put out something that will make everybody happy.

  • Adam Holt

    What better way than to ditch the black series line and title in favor of vantage themed packaging across the board? At this point I am thoroughly convinced that someone in charge of decision-making in merchandising for Lucasfilm or Hasbro hates Star Wars and Hates money.

  • jacksonactionjackson

    Can you elaborate on the packaging? Same ol 6″ box or a vintage card? Or even a box reminiscent of 12″ vintage figures?

    • Bombadgungan

      Since we are just wishing, the box can be anything you care to imagine.

  • Couldn’t agree more. The original 12-20 are the only 6″ TBS figures I care to collect.

    • Bombadgungan

      You wouldn’t / haven’t picked up the TBS 6″ Scarif Stormtrooper?

      • I’ve considered it and I still might. Same with some of the newest and upcoming ESB figures, but it general I have to draw the line around the early OT era, otherwise it becomes a slippery slope.

  • General Hux

    They’re re-releasing all of the POTF2 versions of these characters!! Great news! Collectors will jump up and down about this! That is what this post is about…Right?

    (Extreme snarcasm…yeah, snarcastic Hux is back)

    • TatooineSandworm

      As sarcastic as that may be POTF2 versions of characters hold a special place for me. This was my line growing up.

      • Mine too as far as growing up and walking into a store to see Star Wars figures on the pegs…however that being said, I would never, never buy them again. Ever.

      • General Hux

        Hey, one of my first figures I ever had was a POTF2 Stormtrooper. So I don’t hate that line. 🙂

    • Bombadgungan

      No, what this post is really about is a 40th Ann. Commemorative Collection boxed set of the original 12 as Bend ’ems. It’s what the fans have demanded! 😉

      • General Hux

        I ne them Bend ’ems in my life!!

  • Rogue 13

    There better be two Jawas in that box for my $20.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    Only of they fit in the old Kenner toy vehicles.