• Bombadgungan

    This isn’t a slam, just my personal initial reaction. I don’t really know anything about the actor cast for the young Solo role, but I can say in looking through photos I’m not in any way seeing/thinking Han Solo. I’m just not sure how distracting that’s going to be. How long into the movie before I stop thinking “this isn’t Han Solo” and just accept the casting for the character he is supposed to be? Of course it will be the writing that makes or breaks this film. I do hope it’s good.

  • Josh Wanty

    I am probably going yo skip this one. I just cant see doing a roll back film without the original star. Makes no sense to me. There is so much more they can do as far as stories in the SW galaxy, yes he’s a favorite and have nothing against the Solo but its just gonna feel out of place trying to put in Easter eggs everywhere so can be like oh yeah that’s in there. Harrison is Iconic in his role of Han Solo so to cast someone to play a younger version I’m not to sure about. Characters such as Yoda or even a Fett film would do better because you can use any number of actors / CGi to do this. Plus with all the lore out there do something that would bring some of the non-canon characters into canon while bring new people to enjoy those characters. I dunno I’m really feeling bad about this already in my opinion this is gonna turn people off once they see it.

  • Sith Lord Jacen


  • One scoundrel, one wookiee, one red cup?

  • xdeathmedicx

    I am not looming forward to this movie…… I see it as another atack of the clones… were probably gonna hate it

  • bobcat

    i thought Rogue One was a bad idea but it turned out being better then TFA i think. this is diff though. i still think this is going to suck :/

    • Bombadgungan

      I’m going to remain open minded and optimistic. I stayed away from as much of the advance info/spoiler on Rogue One as I could and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed The Force Awakens, but it didn’t leave me with the same excitement or lasting impression as the Prequels.

      • bobcat

        at first i was impressed with TFA but its only cause it was new. Rogue One hit in spots TFA didnt. i think over all that will hold up for me over time. TFA feels weak to me a year later.. Rogue One is more OT but also they did a good job with the story i thought. its kinda scattery on first viewing but it got smoother a time or two after i saw it.

  • Kraig Mclaughlin

    I kinda hope we get a Solo cup promotional tie in! I’m sure Han went to his fair share of frat parties.


    Hurry it up Disney.

  • nate e.

    Lando. We get more Lando, even if it’s not Billy Dee.

    BDW voicing Lando in Rebels was so awesome. Made it more disappointing that he wasn’t in TFA.

  • nutzaboutpoker

    Its being shot in 6K? I didn’t know that even existed.

    • tyehyll

      Guardians 2 was shot in 8k. Professional equipment will always be WAY ahead of consumers

  • Fiery Little One

    I have to chuckle at the caption on this one.

  • Norman

    At least we know (most) of the main characters will survive this one. So far, I am liking the stand alone films MUCH more than the episodic.

    • Danny

      there’s only been one stand alone film, lol relax

  • Ray Marquart