• clevelandtruth2011

    Two-dimensional figures in a sea of official products and merchandise. Yay!

  • General Hux

    Off topic, but…. Today is the one year anniversary of me joining disqus and commenting here on Yakety Yak Yakface, it’s been full of sarcasm and other weird stuff. 🙂

    You guys are gonna have to put with my crap for more years to come, thank you guys for being awesome!

    • danielhubby

      Congrats, Hux! I’ve been a daily visitor to the site for more years than I care to account. I don’t usually post but I often read the threads that interest me. Your posts have always struck me as positive and relevant. The message boards of the internet needs more people like you. Keep it up! MTFBWY.

      • danielhubby

        Oh, and if anyone stumbles upon a spare Krennic, you should mail it to Hux free of charge. Remember what it was like being a Star Wars fan in high school? Getting figures online or through board sales was, for me, impossible. Cut a kid a break and make his day – these are the guys that will help to keep collecting alive.

        • General Hux

          Thank you, danielhubby!

    • Rob Redahl

      Cheers, Hux!

    • Points Of Articulation

      You need a Krenic?

      • General Hux

        Yeah, haven’t seen him anywhere!

    • Bombadgungan

      It’s been great having ya Hux! Looking forward to another fun year. 🙂

      • General Hux

        It’s been an awesome year of finally getting to know fellow collectors on these sites. Jay has done some great stuff with this site and so has Justin, I love the positivity on here and the civil discussions. 🙂