UPDATE: Rogue One Wave 4 NOT Online Exclusive

We have received official confirmation from Hasbro that the figures for the Rogue One Wave 4 (Admiral Raddus, Fenn Rau, Galen Erso, Lt. Sefla) and the Bistan vs Shoretrooper Captain 2pk will NOT be online exclusives and will be available at major brick and mortar outlets in the Spring.

  • Bombadgungan

    Great! Thanks for getting to the bottom of this rumor and posting a confirmation report. I am really looking forward to this wave in the spring.

  • Nearsighted Scrappile

    Oh good, more crap to clog the pegs and shelves. Hasbro is doing this on purpose.

  • LaurenceQuint


  • Thats fine too.

  • RumSleg

    Good news!

  • heybert17

    This seems to happen way too often with Hasbro Star Wars waves. They mess up the first few waves so bad with repacks or oversaturation of certain shelf warming figures that by the time they get to later waves with figure almost everyone wants, many retailers are ditching the line. I have been waiting a very long time for them to get it right but they never learn. At least this time it was just a rumor but we will see if they actually get wide distribution and are easily available.

    • Seronious

      Personally, I think the 4 waves of 3.75 Rogue One figures were packed perfectly and well thought. It blew away last years Force Awakens waves where they should have switched the release of the Wave 2 and Wave 3 figures and made only two case packs of wave 3 instead of 4.

      I personally, think Hasbro did pretty good this year in terms of case packs. I can’t even complain that much about the black series 6 inch line either.

      • heybert17

        I will agree it has gotten a bit better, which might be reflected in the fact that brick and mortar retailers are ordering the later waves.

      • bobcat

        yep, in my area they had lots of stock on Sept 30th and the figures were sold at more stores then usual. most of the newer figures have sold across all the stores i check out. walmart had 3 3/4” figures on rollback from the beginning of Nov till the end of Jan, im sure that helped sell them. 6 inch figures werent as plentiful but i dont care about those much anymore. their also 34 dollars each here after taxes. ya, no thanks

  • Eyositer

    Great news.

  • General Hux

    This is great news! I was hoping something like this would happen, I’m stoked for this wave, but first I need the Thrawn wave and dare I say….5POA Krennic, distribution has kind of gone done hill at my retailers of late.

    • Logan

      If you need Krenic I can send you one. He sits on the pegs in my area.

  • Greg Sanders

    JTA is losing its touch. Might as well go back to Banthaskull

    • Logan