Black Series Wave 9 Quietly Hitting Retail

A report from the Black Series 6″ Collectors Facebook Group¬†shows that the Revan wave of Black Series figures has started popping up outside of the GameStop stores. Bijan N. found the Snowtrooper and Princess Leia figures at Shopko in Redding, CA. Since they weren’t in the system, he got them for a great deal at $7.49 each.

This wave has also turned up recently at Walmart (Frederick, MD) thanks to a report from Kenny M.

  • Derian Stockburn

    In early December I lucked out and found the full wave at my local Gamestop, then 2 days after, the AT AT Pilot and Leia popped up at my Wal-Mart. I only ever saw that one full wave at Gamestop and only those 2 at my Wal-Mart. We are still overstocked with the Jango wave and Rogue One wave here in Winnipeg.

  • Fiery Little One

    I’ve slowly been picking this wave up. Mostly Chapters/Indigo, but I did find a couple at TRU.

  • FatBulldog

    oh… just as I bought the last one out of the wave I didnt have online…. gg hasbro distribution. I think im gonna stick to online stores in the future. I really dislike running around multiple walmarts/targets/tru/whatever to see if they have any in stock. And targets online search is absolutely garbage. Still says it has old figures in stock.

  • Bombadgungan

    Quietly or silently? No Shopko here! And I strongly doubt I’ll be seeing these at any area Walmarts anytime soon. We’re still pretty buried under the RO wave.

    • Bombadgungan

      And this is one of my most anticipated waves! I want everything in this wave! I’m not sure which is my favorite. It’s between the amazing Hoth Imperials and the rebellious Princess we rarely see in toy form or the old hermit “wizard”.

      • CT-7567

        It bothers me that Ben and Leia are being re-released so soon on the vintage cards. I mean, I really want Obi-Wan. So if I see him do I grab it and pass on the carded version? Then there’s the Leia figure’s awful head which is supposed to be much better on the upcoming anniversary repack. I usually don’t care so much about packaging, but classic Kenner hits my nostalgia button hard. I’m already asking myself if I’d actually buy that horrid ANH Luke again just to have a complete set of the original twelve. I guess I really just wish we were getting some nice 3.75″ stuff.

  • Jason Clark

    Does anyone have the Walmart sku or target dpci for this wave?

  • General Hux

    Even though this wave has seen a wide availability online and at Gamestop it hasn’t really hit ANY major retailers, this is the first report I’ve heard of it hitting a Walmart. Distribution has gone down hill fast since it started out strong from October until December.

    • CT-7567

      Definitely. I just found a 6″ Shoretrooper Squad Leader yesterday and that wave came out in November in my area. It is a really nice figure, so I can see why it’s HTF. Both scales of TBS are at a standstill in stores around me because of stacks of previous waves that just don’t sell. Jyn and Cassian 6″ are becoming the Finn and Zuvio of this year. Anything beyond that first RO wave is impossible to find. The 3.75″ Walmart line s an even worse mess. Too many TFA figures blocking new figures from being ordered. Only the RO 5poa line seems to be selling well and being restocked. Keep an eye out for the Thrawn wave, btw, because it’s starting to hit. It’s a really solid wave. Even the troopers, who have superior SA versions, are awesome. Plus good luck army building from the Walmart line.

  • Darth Parsley

    Still hunting for these in northern Ca with no luck so far maybe one day they will be in the wild.

  • Brian Beck

    That is one quiet roll out. available on-line and game stop for 3 months now, and what’s that, I just got my wave 10 figures last week in the mail: I’m THIS close to just ordering every thing on-line from now on, save wear and tear on my car ( and gas )

    • Brian B.

      You and I are similar in more ways than our names- I’ve already gotten Chirrut and Baze from eBay and I’m thinking at this point it’s easier to just try online going forward cause someone ALWAYS has what I’m looking for. Only thing I’d go to stores for is exclusives.

      • Brian Beck

        Yeah, and you might have read my ‘rant’ on JTA with wave 3 found in OH, as I went to a total of 17 stores over the week end,-finding nothing, and I’m like “why am I doing this”. on the plus side, kohl’s is having a hell of a clearance sale. I think if I see these in the wild, I’ll just laugh and give a sarcastic clap.

  • 80’s will always rule

    Ya like I will ever see those again