Rogue One/Rebels Wave 4 Sneak Peek

Today we have an advanced look at the upcoming wave figures from Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. This assortment includes 4 new figures: Admiral Raddus, Galen Erso, Lieutenant Sefla and Fenn Rau. Click on through for some carded and loose shots as well as some first impressions on the figures themselves.

Admiral Raddus, like the TFA Admiral Ackbar, features a hinged mouth for screen accurate lipsyncing to your favorite Battle of Scarif lines! Definitely a “must-have” figure for your Rogue One shelf.

Galen Erso could have a bit more attention to the facial hair deco, which is unfortunate. As it stands, it looks like he was handled with grubby fingers rather than a deliberate paint app. The redeeming factor is the inclusion of the MSE Droid which features rolling axles. Wheee! (UPDATE: MSE looks to share the sculpt of the droid included with TVC Grand Moff Tarkin and it has removable side panels – see image above.)

The portly Lieutenant Sefla shines as a great example of what Hasbro can do with the basic 3.75″ assortment when they apply themselves. The sculpt is great, the build of the body is endearing and the removable helmet is an awesome inclusion.

Finally, Fenn Rau (from Star Wars Rebels) is another fine example of a 5 POA figure with a lot of detail, deco and accessories that culminate in a great figure with a lot of playability. He has a great animated look capturing his likeness from Season 2.

And for you Brickseekers, here are the UPC and Walmart numbers

630509532902 Raddus – 158750221
630509532919 Galen Erso – 140770669
630509532926 Sefla – 137856568
630509482719 Fenn Rau – 49802170

And for the carry forward figures (not shown)
630509518609 Shoretrooper – 155836161
630509518593 Deathtrooper Specialist – 194980599

Thanks to Robot Kingdom for providing us with these figures and look for full toyguide updates for each figure soon.

  • CT-7567

    These look great. I hope they aren’t too HTF.

  • Rivesjunctionite

    Nice new website banner. You guys work fast!

    • Bombadgungan

      Yakface – Keepin’ It Fresh!

    • General Hux

      I guess it doesn’t hurt that the site owner is a graphic designer. 🙂

    • CT-7567

      Agreed. It looks great.

  • LaurenceQuint

    Damn you, Hasbro, for your amazing sculpts on sub-par figures!


    Almost had 2 good figures.

  • Zachary Hering

    would love these in six inch.

  • mic windu

    ah these cry out for abit more paint detail and arm articulation. I’m sure to hunt for Raddus tho

  • General Hux

    Loving these, Galen is the weak one but Sefla turned out 10 times better than I thought he would, Raddus looks stunning, and Fenn Rau is pure awesomeness. Sweet pics, Jayson.

    • bobcat

      ya, Galen isnt as nice as i thought it was going to be. its still not bad but what gets me the most is that sorta duck/pout face he has..i know times are rough but its a weird look with the way his eyes are or something. haha. i think the rebel dude will be the peg warmer type/stick around longer then the rest. im stoked for the other 3!

    • CT-7567

      Agreed. Sefla is great. I just wish we were getting a few more RO characters. Merrick and a few pilots and some more Rebel soldiers. I’m a bit disappointed in how Bistan looks. I’m just really worried this wave is going to be HTF like the Unmasked Kylo and Ackbar waves. In my area, we actually got the Resistance Rey and Stormtrooper Finn waves. The spacesnow assortments with Kylo and Ackbar just never showed up. The newest wave has just started hitting around here, but only at Walmart so far. I still need another of each except Thrawn. I’d like to get a few Deathtroopers. I don’t usually army build, but I like the idea of having six since that’s how many were in the movie.

  • KenRice

    Thanks for sharing the pictures, these look great!!!!

  • This looks like a cool line, something for everyone too. An alien, imperial, rebel soldier, and a mandalorian.

  • Derian Stockburn

    The Raddus looks alright, but awkward to pose. The Sefla on the other hand looks like a dollar store knockoff. Disappointing to see the quality drop in these figures

  • Epc

    Pretty good wave overall, Sefla turned out so much better than I expected and a removable helmet, what a surprise!
    Another thing to note is that the launcher included with Sefla may be actually accurate to the movie.

    • CT-7567

      Nice catch. It does look similar, including the scope.

  • Zarco Rey

    I’d actually buy a couple of those. That guarantees I’ll never see them.

    • I only saw TFA Akbar once, and that was before he was able to be rung up so I had to checkout with another figure and Im glad I did.

      • KenRice

        I never saw him. Had to buy him on eBay for $17 unfortunately

  • Eyositer

    Good looking wave for what they are. The removable helmet on Sefla is great and hopefully we can put banana visors in the rear view.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Great pics Jayson, as always some of the best toy photography around.

    For limited articulation, these look great. But if Hasbro would just drop the fake weapons in favor of a bit different construction/better articulation, I think we’d ALL be happy.

    Note – relieved to see Sefla’s helmet is removable. He just went from “decent looking” to “gotta get extras for the helmet.”

    • 80sRobot

      The removable helmet yes peaks my interest. I’ve been curious to try making a mold out of hobbyist putty, and maybe I’ll try that with Sefla’s helmet to make copies.

      • An additional detail, Sefla’s helmet is a soft (squishy) vinyl, not hard plastic

        • 80sRobot

          I was wondering — and the softer material could make making copies easier.

          The mold-making material I’m thinking of playing with is Oyumaru — $12.50 for a pack from Amazon. There’s a YouTube video by an Indian fellow who demonstrates how to use it to make a mold and copy of small figurine accessories like guns and armor (search “oyumaru” and “blue stuff”). Makes me curious to try this out for fun.

    • General Hux

      Yep, I’ll be using that helmet for some minor rebel customs. 🙂

      • Bombadgungan

        The Rebels are recruiting minors now? 😉

        • General Hux

          Lol, I meant minor as in simple customs. 😉