Rogue One/Rebels Wave 4 Sneak Peek

Today we have an advanced look at the upcoming wave figures from Rogue One and Star Wars Rebels. This assortment includes 4 new figures: Admiral Raddus, Galen Erso, Lieutenant Sefla and Fenn Rau. Click on through for some carded and loose shots as well as some first impressions on the figures themselves.

Admiral Raddus, like the TFA Admiral Ackbar, features a hinged mouth for screen accurate lipsyncing to your favorite Battle of Scarif lines! Definitely a “must-have” figure for your Rogue One shelf.

Galen Erso could have a bit more attention to the facial hair deco, which is unfortunate. As it stands, it looks like he was handled with grubby fingers rather than a deliberate paint app. The redeeming factor is the inclusion of the MSE Droid which features rolling axles. Wheee! (UPDATE: MSE looks to share the sculpt of the droid included with TVC Grand Moff Tarkin and it has removable side panels – see image above.)

The portly Lieutenant Sefla shines as a great example of what Hasbro can do with the basic 3.75″ assortment when they apply themselves. The sculpt is great, the build of the body is endearing and the removable helmet is an awesome inclusion.

Finally, Fenn Rau (from Star Wars Rebels) is another fine example of a 5 POA figure with a lot of detail, deco and accessories that culminate in a great figure with a lot of playability. He has a great animated look capturing his likeness from Season 2.

And for you Brickseekers, here are the UPC and Walmart numbers

630509532902 Raddus – 158750221
630509532919 Galen Erso – 140770669
630509532926 Sefla – 137856568
630509482719 Fenn Rau – 49802170

And for the carry forward figures (not shown)
630509518609 Shoretrooper – 155836161
630509518593 Deathtrooper Specialist – 194980599

Thanks to Robot Kingdom for providing us with these figures and look for full toyguide updates for each figure soon.