Toyguide Update: Admiral Raddus

The Yakface Toyguide return today for our next entry in the Rogue One 3.75″ basic figure assortment with the Admiral Raddus figure.

PROS:  Overall sculpt and deco is fantastic with crisp details and decent color blending especially on the hands/forearms. Like the TFA Admiral Ackbar that came before it, Raddus features an articulated mouth to bark out orders to the fleet over Scarif. It works well and is reminiscent of a time when toys were toys. He includes a DH-17 blaster pistol which is oddly oversized, and a rocket firing rifle.

CONS: The incorporation of the movable jaw renders the neck immobile so the figure is perpetually stuck looking forward/up. As one of the final figures released in the Rogue One line look, this may prove to be a tough find as we approach spring/summer with the 40th Anniversary and The Last Jedi product on the way.

Head to the toyguide for our detailed image gallery and to judge for yourself whether this figure is worth adding to your collection.

  • General Hux

    Amazing looking figure! Hope I can actually find him.

  • RumSleg

    Thank you for continuing to post images of the QR codes that come as pack-ins. It’s very helpful for making the Hasbro FX app more functional.

  • Bombadgungan

    I judge him definitely worth adding to my collection!

  • Like A Bossk

    Awsome rundown .

  • SlothFromHoth

    Now that’s a good looking figure. I fear he’s going to be pretty HTF, though.