6″ 40AC R5-D4 NOT Exclusive to Entertainment Earth

There has been a bit of confusion surrounding the retail partner for the 6″ 40AC R5-D4 figure. Original claims out of Toy Fair stated that it would be exclusive to Entertainment Earth, but the images from Hasbro indicated that GameStop would be offering the figure. We’ve received information that Entertainment Earth IS NOT carrying it and it will in fact be sold through GameStop/ThinkGeek.

  • Nearsighted Scrappile

    Let me guess. Since it has no accessories and is a GameStop exclusive, it will cost $5.00 more. Do I win? Either way, we all lose.

    • Brian Beck

      No, it comes with a bad motivator 😉 ….as in I’m not ‘motivated’ to get it.

  • Does Gamestop sell video games anymore?

  • Bombadgungan

    That’s unfortunate. I’ve always had great results with Entertainment Earth. GameStops in my area have been hit or miss on TBS6″ and with Star Wars collectibles in general. I guess if nothing else, there are a ton of GameStops around town, which hopefully will make this exclusive easy enough to score.

    • Jordan Keckler

      GameStop online is always a good choice. You can always order online and pick up in store

      • The D.O.

        Assuming they offer it online……..

        • Brian Beck

          Yeah, and if you tried to order wave 9 figures, they picked what you got! :/

    • These things are always so regional. In my case GameStop has been the ONLY place I’ve managed to get any of the last couple Black Series 6 inch waves. I have 3 Targets, a TRU, and 4 Wal-Marts close to me, and none of them restocked. GS was my saving grace.