New Elite Series Figures Coming Soon

Members of the Elite Series Collectors group on Facebook are reporting* the discovery for 3 “new” Elite Series figures coming soon to Disney Stores in the UK (and the US). Soon, you be able to add Riot Gear Stormtrooper, Finn with Lightsaber and Squad Leader Stormtrooper to your collection. Also of interest is a slight packaging refresh for the line which looks to universalize the box to cut down the cost of printing, requiring only a sticker to differentiate each character.

Thanks to Corey for First Order Transmissions for the heads-up.

*Images have now been deleted from the Facebook Group

  • Brian Beck

    Well these would be ‘nicer’ if- #1 they were the same scale as TBS 6″, and #2 they didn’t constantly fall over.

  • Fiery Little One

    Yeah, I was considering at one point adding the regular FO Stormtrooper to augment my collection. But after one look in person combined with what I had heard about these things out of the package, I lost all interest.

  • Bob Villa

    wow, Horrible trooper helmets! It looks like bootleg quality.

  • Daniel Rice

    We need to get together and write and tell the what we think and what our suggestions are

  • General Hux

    More rehashed Elite Series figures with some new accessories…I’m surprised this line makes it.

    • bmales01

      Finn figs sell like hotcakes! Its a no brainer