Toyguide Update: 2016 PG Exclusive Maz Kanata Deluxe Mini Bust

The Yakface Toyguide updates resume today as we take a look at the  2016 Premier Guild Exclusive Maz Kanata Deluxe Mini Bust from Gentle Giant.

PROS: An amazing recreation and likeness to Maz Kanata’s design from The Force Awakens. The sculpting overall is exquisite with many different textures and fabrics capturing in the polystone medium. The colors are vibrant  – from her orangish skin to her clothing and jewelry – as well as having a nice wash to bring out the fine wrinkles and folds. The inclusion of the swappable arms allows for two display options which is nice to have with some of these static pieces.

CONS:  Must be a PG Member to purchase ($120) which will probably drive the after market price higher in the future.  Could benefit from some tightening in the paint apps, especially on the hand gripping the lightsaber.

Head to the toyguide for the full image gallery to judge for yourself whether this bust is worth adding to your collection.

  • don

    I canceled mine to much for not that popular of a character.

  • bmales01

    She looks just like my grandmother

  • Jason

    lol $120, I called it previously. Remember when the Jawas came out, you got TWO busts for $50.

  • Zachary Hering

    I really want a six inch figure of her. Think one will be made for the last jedi?

    • I’d say the chances are above average in getting a 6″ version

      • Zachary Hering

        I really hope so. She is a force sensitive after all. How many of those do we have in six inch scale?