• DJAubain

    Is this still on “target” for the end of March?

  • adrian hunter

    i dunno where YOU guys live, but this is gonna fly off the shelves the first day. i have *NEVER* found a target exclusive actually IN a target. even the first week of release. you’re thinking toysrus with that “worthless” bit.

  • Bombadgungan

    Cool! I can’t wait for Target to finally stock something new. I’m still waiting for Rogue One 5PO wave 3 (Bohdi, Jyn, Thrawn) and Black Series 6″ AT-AT Driver/Snowtrooper wave. Not to mention wave 3 of Titanium helmets (Deathtrooper/Rebel Commando).

  • Sith Lord Jacen

    another worthless Target exclusive nobody will buy,Why not a Yak-Face or some cool alien from Jabba’s palace or the cantina from a New Hope.

  • chad

    I am sure this one won’t be as bad as the Scariff Trooper. target usually does a good job with their exclusives.

  • Brian Beck
  • Brian Beck