• Bombadgungan

    I found a single Thrawn and Bohdi Rook at a Portland, OR Walmart a week ago, but only those two. I hope this means more are on the way. I’d like to finish out the wave. No sign of life yet from Target.

  • Kaytoo

    Found these in a brand new target in New York so they are in the northeast too. Managed to grab two thrawns and a shoretrooper, only other new figure I saw there was disgusied Jyn

  • Boba Fettuccini
    • Funny and sad at the same time. At one of my Target stores in San Antonio you’ll find Goss Toowers pegwarming.

      • Boba Fettuccini

        There’s plenty of him here too, but at least they’ve had the decency to reduce all the early wave TFA stuff to $3 or so

    • Keep on Trekin

      In a way lucky you. I’ve never seen that Han Solo and judging by online prices most others haven’t either.Gives me a new hope for it maybe showing up eventually.

      • Boba Fettuccini

        All the targets around here have been putting out TFA stuff, including the Resistence Base Rey. I’ve yet to see Nien, ackbar or unmasked Kylo but this stuff is in warehouses somewhere.

  • danielhubby

    I found a case of Wave 3 at a local KMart last week. I bought a set and, earlier this week, most of the remaining figures from the case were still there.

    • Brian Beck

      I went to mine too, and found out it was closing 🙁

  • LuckDragon

    I live right next to the Seattle Northgate Target. These will be gone in 24hrs and not restocked for 6 months. There are so few large retail stores like Target, Walmart, Kmart, etc. in the area because Seattle doesn’t believe in Capitalism, so I have to buy all my Star Wars merch online.

  • Brian Beck

    Here’s a funny, hair pulling story. On Sunday I had time to kill, so I went on a longer scouting run to where I have not been in a while. In Detroit metro, I96 is the North/south dividing line, so I went to a group of stores down there. In Walmart the pegs were almost empty, but on my second pass through I noticed a ‘Jyn in disguise’. Great, they were here. I next went to Target, and they had a Jyn and a Brody, so this got me excited and I went to my home area to hunt-7 stores and I got goose egg :/ I do not understand this at all.

  • General Hux

    Still no luck with me, only found the Jedha Revolt pack at Meijer. Target’s around me haven’t restocked since December.

  • Rykrof_Enloe

    Steve (Darth Vlad’s Clone) found these in the STL area today too, at Target.

    • jedijason1138

      I’m out in St. Charles County. The Target stores on Muegge (Cave Springs) and Mid Rivers Mall Drive didn’t have these figures yet. I checked this morning. I just want the troopers. I ordered a case from Entertainment Earth, but I’d like to get a couple more of the Death Troopers and the Shoretroopers for my army.

      • Rykrof_Enloe

        No luck by me either (Arnold). I just want a Thrawn and Bodhi for my son. Have a few of the TBS 3.75″ SA Death Troopers and Scarif Troopers so don’t need 5POA of those.

        • jedijason1138

          I have a good supply of the SA Scarif Troopers and Death Troopers, but I still want the 5 POA for adding to the ranks.